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Sayings and their wisdom - a few thoughts

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

tree trunk carved into a Merlin like figure at the Zauberwald in Germany

“how you shout into the forest it comes back”

“what doesn’t kill you makes you strong”

“don’t bite the hand that is feeding you”

“Giving the pinky finger and the whole arm is taken”

There’s so much truth and wisdom preserved in old sayings and we probably All know these few in one form or another by personal experiences….

The first on the list is pretty obvious and refers to the principle of resonance – we All get back what we put out “vibrationally”…. What does that mean – vibrationally…. Well, it’s when we lie to ourselves – when we think we do something for a specific reason but “subconsciously” we think different…. Such can have many different reasons and isn’t mean as judging or that we’re “bad” or something alike, no, it’s just something that happens and it’s the reason why we often can’t get “back” what we actually want…. We therefore can go with that and feel bad about the world or we can start to work with it – we can try to become aware of the “subconscious”, underlaying truth within self and either “transform”/change this or send out and act accordingly….

But maybe it all goes even further than this - what if that's the reason why we like to "consume" so much of whatever? Maybe we just go to a shop and buy whatever as through this very direct exchange we can make sure we actually get what we think we want.... ???

Yes, we do gain strength and information from painful experiences – there’s always “good” in the bad, like in the Chinese “Yin and Yang” symbol…. First of all we know that we can go through such and come out ok on the other side, which gives us trust into Self…. Doesn’t mean we want to repeat it though but if it happens we know we can…. But then there’s also “information” in the meaning of “cause and effect” – we may know “how” it happened, what was the “origin” or cause of what had happened and so we know to where such will lead and we can try to create a different cause next time… not avoiding but “creatively” use the information gained….

Now this 3rd one on my small list is a bit more tricky – “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” in Swiss German we have a saying that goes “little bird eat or die”… both pretty brutal right 😉 … In my opinion we All “feed ourselves” as of what we do all the time – even if we work for a company, we