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Sid. Pisces New Moon 11th/12th of April and Pandora's Box

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

According the myth, Pandora opened the box she was told not to open – all the plagues, all the bad was released before she managed to close it again and so hope remained. It’s “hope” for something “better” that makes us moving forward, to take action and so on…. It’s hope that makes people run away from their homes and land, when there is threat like war, crime or other catastrophes occurring… it’s the hope that let’s us having children – if we have no hope and trust into the future, we won’t have any children (or projects or whatever)…. Now we need to trust into our own future – individually and collectively – we need to trust we can change, transform, evolve and birth a future worth living in….

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Pisces (the late part) – therefore we on Earth in late Virgo (conjoining Spica of Virgo and Arcturus of Bootes). We’ll see 4 oppositions, forming an eight-pointed star (Octagram – “Star of Ishtar” or “Venus”), of which some of the Players will shift out to form a “star of David” (two intersecting Grand Trines) for the cycles/conjunctions of Mercury, Venus and Uranus, but about that another time. Note, after all these new Venus cycles, she continues to conjoin others and is part of that Octagram not only by name….

Venus with her heartful question – what do we love/value? Can we live according these values? Are they really strong enough or are we falling back into adapting what others tell us to be right or wrong? In early sid. Aries, she stands in between Andromeda in Chains and Cetus the monster and with the upward swimming fish, at the knot of the “bounded/connected” two fish – will we be able to free us (being our own hero/swim upwards) or will we accept the chains… A birthing-process is never easy – it includes pain (every Mother knows the physical part of that!!), doubt, fear, insecurity and so on – but ohh wow – how exciting and wonderful when we find the courage and trust to follow it through and receive the “newborn child”. Another Venus-theme arising out of the values is desire, which, if too externalized become “attachments”/chains, which in the end, may even bring one as far as to “dismiss” the own “inner values”…. Venus just “birthed” new cycles, and is about to “birth” more – with Uranus as well as Mercury – 2 just very new, two just about to happen with it’s “discerning”/wrapping up energies… It’s important to understand, that we’re All a part of the “monster”, the collective consciousness and we can’t change that collective or an individual other, just ourselves – with that, we help to change the collective and with that we help to transform the “monster” to become a wonderful being – but there is more to this “monster”-“angel” than one would maybe think of at first – it’s the relationship/value with/to our own past – are we trapped and repeat and repeat (and perceive it as a “monster”) or can we let go, simply integrate/lesson learned (transformed to an “angel”) the past as what it is and swim “above” it, not without it but transformed, giving space for new experiences with an open heart….

Mercury, the fast, logic mind – may pick those emotions up and start to discern – yes, no, maybe, perhaps – be aware and stop the loops before being caught up in them and see or better said, think logic and in clarity (ordered/organized) through the conscious thinking, the emotional soup will start to clear up to a wonderful crystal-clear mountain lake shining and reflecting the heavens in brilliance… lol, clear sea with colorful fishes and corals would work too 😉 …. more about Mercury:

Adding to these pictures is the new-Moon energy, that might give us enough “insight”/ going within” to find the true feelings underneath the emotions – that’s part of what Pisces is about – to see “through” and gain clarity – and that’s on all levels…. Emotions are just a “layer” over the real feelings and can be used as a “cell phone” or “alarm system”….

Acknowledging, differencing these powers will help in the process of “birthing”, as activating the willpower and force of Mars in late Taurus, will form a foundation or plan on which we can build our way to “wish fulfillment” … Just be aware – whatever we do, whatever we use our will and “life force” for is based on a decision – once we’re acting, we’re usually not to stop, we therefore need to make sure we know (are conscious about – cause and effect) of what we’re about to create….

Opposing Mars is Juno (relationships) stands at the right shoulder of Ophiuchus. We may feel the “weight of the world” on our shoulder, which makes us react accordingly. The shoulder though, is the joint that makes our arm move – to do something, to act, to create physically – the shoulder connects that arm with the whole body. The realization that can be gained here, is that of the relationship between us and the world – that we’re part of it but neither alone nor responsible for anything other than us and our own creations – the mass of creations “shapes” the current state of “human consciousness” as a whole, same time, what we create for ourselves (including thoughts, belief system, values in general) is the basis/foundation of our own world and with this, the basis of our own creations… If we stop acting/willing, our creations remain a “wish” or “dream” and we live in a world physically created by others for us – we then “blame” those and define ourselves as “victims”.

Pallas – the “problem solver” - stands at the Urn of Aquarius. This area is about the use of resources for the greater good of All – resources we have plenty, the distribution of it though speaks another language. That can be anything – food, health, technology, knowledge, love – anything… as we have forgotten, how our very own biology works (we’re built based on the same laws as the Universe) and provides for us, we’re dependent on others and therefore are suffering the consequences – the distribution might be “not fair”…. Pallas is a feminine “warrior” type – fair, without judgment, strategic thinking and “dot connecting” – she sees through the “powerplays” at work and uses each dot’s ability as a “stepping stone”. Each of us here is asked, to work with the own abilities/resources for the evolution of self and therefore the greater good of All…..

Opposing/mirroring as for a while now – Vesta (our inner “flame”) and Orcus (promises/ oath). Have you every promised yourself something? Maybe as a Kid, or as a young Adult? What you want to do or for sure not want to do/experience? Are you aligned with that?... such themes maybe buried deep within us and we may even have forgotten them – if they’re important, let’s say “core values”, then those themes will somehow “haunt” us, if we’re not aligned with them anymore..... Similar with Vesta – the inner fire, the passion and devotion we can feel for something we’re actually “aligned” with. Leo is the Sun house! It’s where we want to shine, we want to bring into full light on the stage that’s called life… are the passions you have brought into the light for everyone to see, for everyone to feel, to enrich the collective still in alignment with your passion or is there something else emerging or even the passion of someone else?.... Just sing “It’s my life”!!!! my passion, my heart, my abilities – different from yours but connected through life itself – live your passion, live your life and you live your promises….

The lunar node axis during our new-moon time, is placed just a little away from Aldebaran – Antares axis in sid. Taurus – sid. Scorpio. The Northnode (Aldebaran now), is what we can use or need to integrate in order to fulfill a certain goal (Southnode) or in other words to access abilities. Aldebaran promises “riches” and “wealth” and same time is a great “warrior” so to speak with a sword mighty, with which we can cut us free of the attachments we created. Not to be misunderstood here – I talk about attachments that are blocking, limiting, no longer serving, just as the comparison done before “clothes that no longer fit”…. By cutting those cords, we free ourselves to make different experiences and with this we grow, we expand and let go of the need to repeat the same experiences again and again… When we start to “cut” through these cords, to look down into the “underworld” (Pluto-Scorpio), we will discover that at the “heart” or let’s say core of all does lay the beauty and love of the own self……

Much Love to you All,


Sun changes into sid. Aries on 14th/15th of April 2021

The Sun, our “center” we “rotate” around, our “shining” is breaking out into “new lands” – we want to “live”, we want to “shine” – simple as that… if that’s in a new way, using the courage the sun offers or if we dim the light to match the past and “outside” ideas is a question each of us will answer individually – possibility is around for sure…

Interesting fact: Traditionally the Thai New Year is celebrated from 13th to 15th of April - we're here writing the year 2564. - time is really a "relative" thing....

New Moon 12.04.2021 09.30 am Thailand time (Univ./GMT = 02.30 am)

ADDITIONALLY: For Chiang Mai and most of Thailand, this new Moon occurs in the 11th house – it’s the house of Aquarius – the house of “groups and communities”, those people who we “align” with and form relationships… We want to shine our own brilliance into those groups and same time feel safe, understood and appreciated – short for “home”… Past experiences within such “groups” may make us feel anything between a “hero” and a “looser”. How do we define that feeling for ourselves? If we have felt like a “looser” at one time or another, honestly, is that really true? Even if though, does that mean you have to continue to feel like this? Do you have a great idea of how to solve a situation, as little or big that situation maybe? What holds you back? You’re in your “chosen” group/family – share, shine… a leader is not only a leader and a student not only a student – each and everyone is resource of information and experience and can contribute as and with that to the “whole”…. If though, a situation isn’t solvable – a group/connection/ collective no longer “matching” as of too different “goals” or thoughts that are no longer matching the own values and so on, that may mean a change or “break up” needs to be considered as solution (this may arise from conflict or just because of the own values)….

As for example, living as an Expat does bring us into such experiences all the time – people come, we form friendships and maybe even a group of friends, then for whatever reasons people start to move away or interest changes, job changes whatever and we let them go…. When we left, from where ever we have been arriving from – we left people behind, not because we don’t love them or anything alike but because we had a dream, an idea or an opportunity that led us here… - We’re living in another culture and we learn but same time we give another view of things too – it’s an exchange – there is not only one way to handle a situation, there are many ways – the student/teacher aspect is always present, in any group or relationship….

In these times, with Venus and all her themes so activated from various perspectives and angles – all comes back again and again to our values and beliefs – how we value self, how we value others and what our core values in life in general are and what we belief we can or can't and what life actually is… when we transcend/spiritualize our own desires, go all down to the core of them to see what there is, we will be able to find our home within.

This is especially important as it seems the current circumstances do prevent many Families again to be able to come together during the Songkran holidays - to connect with the roots within and the love within for the people we can't go to see in physicality - love isn't bound to distance!!!!!!!

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