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The evolutionary gates are open - New Moon 1st of May 2022 at (UT+07)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

New Moon 1st of May 2022 03:28:04 Thailand - 30th of April at 20:28 Universal time

Sun and Moon at 15°9’55” sid. Aries – Earth same degrees sid. Libra constellation of Virgo

Uranus stands at 19°++ Aries and Hygiea at 13°++ Libra constellation Virgo (geocentric and heliocentric)

Lunar north node conjoins the star Botein of Aries at 27°9’50” sid. Aries and the south node resides in the constellation Libra at the same degree – therefore with a 12° difference to the new Moon, there will be a partial eclipse….

All of the conjunctions of early May, which I talked about in the “new Beginnings May 2022” post are slowly go into their “positions”… some are already influencing to some degree….

Beside all of them in the post, there’s during the new Moon the heliocentric conjunction of Mars with Chariklo (wife of Chiron and also a Centaur – she’s about sacred spaces, “outsiders”, potentials and discernment) is in approach at rounded 9° to 10° sign and constellation Capricorn.

This is the more solitary or “secret” part of Capricorn – an area where we “practice”, test or try out, make plans, meditate or go for retreat etc. …. It seems we have to become a bit more aware and conscious about our actions, what consequences they might have and where we actually “waste” our energy into stuff that has no potential at all – to really act towards our goals and only give “shelter”/focus to what does have promise in this way… this may mean that we have to put some effort into practices that supports us to keep focus and to pull away from “distractions”…

(I still include the geocentric chart as picture but the reading is based on the heliocentric chart)

Back to the new Moon itself, as with these conjunctions and oppositions as an integral part we will be busy for a while – the next “Aries” new Moon will take place on 20th of April next year – well, it will be at the cusp of the constellations of Pisces and Aries 😉 – for sure significant too…

There’s also an X-configuration – 2 oppositions (cross) that are outlined by 2 x 45° and 2 x 135° forming a rectangular structure a bit different in function and energy from the “mystic rectangle” yet similar…. I will talk about that later/within ….

First the “conjunction-opposition” of the New Moon… the Uranus, Sun and Moon conjunction in Aries, over the head of Cetus takes place in heliocentric 11th house…. And therefore the Earth and Hygiea conjunction under the feet of Virgo (sign Libra) in the 5th house….

We need to make our “wellbeing and purity” a foundation on which we build – purity is also meant in the way of mental and visionary clarity… This region of Virgo is the start of a few degrees that are of most revealing energies – the “gap” between the feet of Virgo and the claws of the Scorpion (called Libra) and very south under this “open space” we see the constellation Crux (southern Cross) on the galactic equator, protected by the Centaur constellation…. North of the “gap” we see the constellation Corona Borealis (the northern crown)…. Despite the fact that I have my kind of “problems” with the whole depiction of the signs of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio – this “open space area” seems to me of most importance because there’s also the northern circumpolar constellation of Drago showing an “opening” between head and tail…. Can’t be a coincidence….

More about Crux:

Everything grows from inside to outside – so, the way we define our personal “foundation”, is the way we will “grow” or “shine out”…. We can try to lie, to hide and so on but truth will always be revealed sooner or later and is these times now more sooner than later…. But that not only means truth about the “outside world” but also truth about our very own being – what and how we “shine out”, enter or using the “worlds stage” called life….

Uranus is a pretty “eccentric” Guy – sometimes may appear like an “strange professor” or a totally devoted Scientist or anything beyond or in between… it’s liberating when we can stay there in this “own space”, forgetting of time and everything and everyone around us with a focus centered on a task envisioned somewhere “beyond”…. A Scientist wants to “free” knowledge and information – wants to find ways to “improve” what’s already here and uncover mysteries, answer questions and so on… we All do have that energy within us….

Cetus is called the “sea monster” representing the “collective consciousness or state of mind” whereas Aries stands for “ramifications”, actualization, physical strength… further north we see the constellation Andromeda, who was chained to the rocks as sacrifice to the sea monster but freed by the “hero Perseus” (Taurus)…

So, we might feel these energies in the sense of trying something new out, that comes up from the depth of our true, pure inside and the realization that “what has worked then, might not be adequate today”… with Uranus (not the new Moon) being in trine (last 120°) by Venus in Sagittarius, it may have a lot to do with “values and beauty” but most importantly, Uranus stands at roughly 51,5° ahead of Neptune (this means a septile and an “infinite aspect number” – not solvable in cycle)… This a