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The evolutionary gates are open - New Moon 1st of May 2022 at (UT+07)

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

New Moon 1st of May 2022 03:28:04 Thailand - 30th of April at 20:28 Universal time

Sun and Moon at 15°9’55” sid. Aries – Earth same degrees sid. Libra constellation of Virgo

Uranus stands at 19°++ Aries and Hygiea at 13°++ Libra constellation Virgo (geocentric and heliocentric)

Lunar north node conjoins the star Botein of Aries at 27°9’50” sid. Aries and the south node resides in the constellation Libra at the same degree – therefore with a 12° difference to the new Moon, there will be a partial eclipse….

All of the conjunctions of early May, which I talked about in the “new Beginnings May 2022” post are slowly go into their “positions”… some are already influencing to some degree….

Beside all of them in the post, there’s during the new Moon the heliocentric conjunction of Mars with Chariklo (wife of Chiron and also a Centaur – she’s about sacred spaces, “outsiders”, potentials and discernment) is in approach at rounded 9° to 10° sign and constellation Capricorn.

This is the more solitary or “secret” part of Capricorn – an area where we “practice”, test or try out, make plans, meditate or go for retreat etc. …. It seems we have to become a bit more aware and conscious about our actions, what consequences they might have and where we actually “waste” our energy into stuff that has no potential at all – to really act towards our goals and only give “shelter”/focus to what does have promise in this way… this may mean that we have to put some effort into practices that supports us to keep focus and to pull away from “distractions”…

(I still include the geocentric chart as picture but the reading is based on the heliocentric chart)

Back to the new Moon itself, as with these conjunctions and oppositions as an integral part we will be busy for a while – the next “Aries” new Moon will take place on 20th of April next year – well, it will be at the cusp of the constellations of Pisces and Aries 😉 – for sure significant too…

There’s also an X-configuration – 2 oppositions (cross) that are outlined by 2 x 45° and 2 x 135° forming a rectangular structure a bit different in function and energy from the “mystic rectangle” yet similar…. I will talk about that later/within ….

First the “conjunction-opposition” of the New Moon… the Uranus, Sun and Moon conjunction in Aries, over the head of Cetus takes place in heliocentric 11th house…. And therefore the Earth and Hygiea conjunction under the feet of Virgo (sign Libra) in the 5th house….

We need to make our “wellbeing and purity” a foundation on which we build – purity is also meant in the way of mental and visionary clarity… This region of Virgo is the start of a few degrees that are of most revealing energies – the “gap” between the feet of Virgo and the claws of the Scorpion (called Libra) and very south under this “open space” we see the constellation Crux (southern Cross) on the galactic equator, protected by the Centaur constellation…. North of the “gap” we see the constellation Corona Borealis (the northern crown)…. Despite the fact that I have my kind of “problems” with the whole depiction of the signs of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio – this “open space area” seems to me of most importance because there’s also the northern circumpolar constellation of Drago showing an “opening” between head and tail…. Can’t be a coincidence….

Everything grows from inside to outside – so, the way we define our personal “foundation”, is the way we will “grow” or “shine out”…. We can try to lie, to hide and so on but truth will always be revealed sooner or later and is these times now more sooner than later…. But that not only means truth about the “outside world” but also truth about our very own being – what and how we “shine out”, enter or using the “worlds stage” called life….

Uranus is a pretty “eccentric” Guy – sometimes may appear like an “strange professor” or a totally devoted Scientist or anything beyond or in between… it’s liberating when we can stay there in this “own space”, forgetting of time and everything and everyone around us with a focus centered on a task envisioned somewhere “beyond”…. A Scientist wants to “free” knowledge and information – wants to find ways to “improve” what’s already here and uncover mysteries, answer questions and so on… we All do have that energy within us….

Cetus is called the “sea monster” representing the “collective consciousness or state of mind” whereas Aries stands for “ramifications”, actualization, physical strength… further north we see the constellation Andromeda, who was chained to the rocks as sacrifice to the sea monster but freed by the “hero Perseus” (Taurus)…

So, we might feel these energies in the sense of trying something new out, that comes up from the depth of our true, pure inside and the realization that “what has worked then, might not be adequate today”… with Uranus (not the new Moon) being in trine (last 120°) by Venus in Sagittarius, it may have a lot to do with “values and beauty” but most importantly, Uranus stands at roughly 51,5° ahead of Neptune (this means a septile and an “infinite aspect number” – not solvable in cycle)… This aspect function here isn’t only a “portal” to infinity but also to clear residues from the past “for eternity”… Neptune and approaching Jupiter are part of the above mentioned X (opposition Mercury, 45° Mars and 135° Varuna)….

A scientific approach means that we might have to be a little in our own space right (Mars – Chariklo conjunction in early Capricorn) – because we want to examine, test, experiment before we go “public” so to speak…. The problem with the “octaves” (45° and related) is the need of the collective (doesn’t mean their wants and desires) but as with Earth’s/Hygiea’s opposition suggests also the own intention – do we act from a mere desire (fear and lack based ego) or do we transcend beyond our current “point in space and time”…. Furthermore, there’s Uranus’ theme of our innate bio-technology which is also “eternal” and can be used in various ways, with various intentions BUT, that kind of technology doesn’t work for those “trapped” in the currents of the ego or generally “outer world” – nope, no punishment or anything alike, just the simple nature of its existence…. Words can lie, actions don’t… but be aware of one thing – once we’re in that “beyond” in the truth of self which has nothing to do with any “man made constructs” words can’t lie anymore either….

Saying this, I’m reminded of a presentation I saw on a German You-Tube channel about “reverse speech” – a technique within which a recorded answer to a question is played in reverse and suddenly within all the “non sense” are clear messages to be heard… they used this technique on some speeches held by Politicians – it was quite extraordinary….

Why is this all important – well, Mercury (communication) stands under the tail of the Lion, and the tail of the great Bear in the North but also over the first half of Vela (the sail of Argo Navis)… an area very powerful, very active to the point where one can’t “hold back” so the power needs to be released in one way or another…. Mercury will soon start it’s retrogrades, which marks the “conjunction gate” with Earth and a new synodic cycle – it means he’s now to be seen as “evening star” in a balsamic period, meaning “fully aware” and conscious if one has chosen this path…..

This said – Varuna – a dwarf planet in Pluto’s realm discovered in November 2000 conjoining the star Mebsuta of Gemini just passed 2 degrees his own Northnode and Nessus opposing at Varuna’s Southnode… Varuna’s Aphelion and Perihelion axis is “jumping” just like the one of Neptune – end of 2020 his axis was aligned with the Galactic Pole axis and our equinox axis – now in May 2022 it has shifted to 7°25’ sid. Pisces (perihelion)/Virgo (aphelion)…

Varuna does talk about the Universal natural laws and especially about the “principle of rhythm” – the breathing (breathing techniques might be very useful for everyone to practice) – everything expands and contracts in it’s own rhythm and is directly linked to “flow”, to the higher realms and “unity” so to speak… (breathing can at some point become one – we can’t know or distinguish between in and out anymore)…. So in this sense Varuna can bring us to “dissolve polarity” in the sense of it becoming an axis, a “one”…. At the moment he stands at 10°21’40” sid. Cancer near the star Decapoda of Cancer, opposed by Mars and Chariklo which means the Two need to consciously integrate Varuna’s themes… South of the Crab (Egyptian Scarabaeus) we see the head of Hydra and north the Lynx (Mountain Cat) – an area where we can become trapped in our emotions which will determine the perception of Hydra being a monster or the 9 pedals Lotus and we’re here enabled to go between the realms in all directions (seen yet unseen – “below radar”, lol)….


This New Moon is of very high importance as it marks the entrance of a “decision gate” we’re All are pushed into take…

The rectangle includes 2 “last 135° angles” and that means we can go “two ways” – we can go the natural “devolution” way or we can choose the “evolutionary” path… Mercury in his first octile will be neutral in this way and follow the decision we made….

Uranus and the themes of going forward, progression but also the collective human consciousness are themes highly illuminated. We have a lot going in this time and with that are demonstrated to “good and bad” sides of the same themes….

Technology always develops from the understanding of the functions based on the observations made in natural sciences… so, it’s kind of a “copy”… this means whatever we’re presented in the outside world as available technology we would actually inherently have available within ourselves. If we rely mainly on the “outside technology”/tools we experience an atrophy within the exact same themes which is “devolution”…. We can use technology as a bridge/tool in awareness of that being it and same time trying to develop the own inherent “original” which would translate into an “evolutionary path”…. Here an example: I grew up with landline telephones, we were only reachable when we were nearby and nobody was the “slave” to the phone – I remember to be able to remember loads of telephone numbers because I was simply too lazy to pick up telephone books (printed or own ones) but nowadays I hardly remember any number and when my phone had a problem and I could use someone else’s phone I didn’t remember any number!!! … so, what is a phone? – could it be a copy of “telepathy”? I think so, while probably All of us have not really developed the natural telepathic abilities enough to rely on them, we could at least start to try to use them, to practice them by for example before picking up the phone or looking at the screen to figure out who is calling or other such simple practices to strengthen these “muscles” within us…. Mercury who represents communication and collaboration will activate our inner system with such decisions, we will get the guidance we need after such a decision…. The same goes for building up boundaries and the “protection of them” (the outside world is demonstrating this at the moment as well) but also the abilities of astral travels (instead of using rockets and space stations available only to very few as physical experience) or remote viewing (instead of drones, camera surveillance etc.) and much more…. It’s not about being able to do all of this from one moment to the other or to develop them in a specific amount of time but to be aware of the own possibilities, gifts slumbering within us and if we’re going to develop/enhance them or not….

Through our inherent bio-technology we’re able to learn by observing because our eyes can function like a “black hole” and “imprint” what we have seen, watched or observed – so, we can also “feed our eyes” with that which we want to develop….

Trust YOUSELF as being a part of the ALL. The Universes, Source, God or whatever words you personally use… In all teachings around the globe we find in some way or form the sentence: you will get what you need…. What we “need” though may not always be what we want or desire – it’s all a process with several steps to go through and once we have gone through and reached the other “side” we may be able to see the functionality of the “need” that we perceived us “unwanted” at first…. So, in this sense everything that happens is FOR us and not TO us or a punishment or anything – it’s the fulfillment of a need as a step towards fulfillment of a wish….

This means that when we’re in one theme or another kind of “trapped”, veiled, stuck or something alike we will draw experiences to us that will help us to see what that “cover” is, so we can “unfold” what was “hidden” from our awareness…. Not always easy and at times scary as such discoveries may kind of be outside of what is perceived as “normal”/tolerated/accepted etc… and that can be solved by using the septile of the Uranus – Neptune cycle…

This cycle started on 20th of April 1993 at 24°20’27” sid. Sagittarius approaching Pluto’s Southnode. This chart did include a Saturn – Chiron opposition T-squared by Pluto…. The septile function here is part of the “evolutionary” cycle even so it’s not far after the start of the cycle but it’s an aspect that when taken with the above mentioned decision of path asks us to take care of the “left overs” from the last cycle – see, their cycle spans an average of 172 years – so think about the “left overs” not only in the sense of the personal, subjective present incarnation but with a “bigger view” on things to gain the clarity needed (Jupiter conjoining Neptune)….

It’s the creative use of how we deal with these “left overs” that is asked here – just because we grew out of the baby shoes and started to walk, doesn’t mean we have to burn all baby shoes but we don’t need to keep them in our shoe-shelf neither….

The Mars – Chariklo conjunction will “protect” what we decide to keep, to develop, practice and so on….

Nothing will go on as it used to – impossible – we’re in a new part of the precession cycle, not by sign or constellation (polarity thinking) but in the Earth and solar system’s galactic connection… Truly evolutionary!!!!

Exciting isn’t it!? – Earth’s placement for this new Moon does give us to explore roots we may not even have dreamed of – very adventurous times we’re in, don’t be scared to explore as she “holds us” as the mother she is….

Much Love to you All,


Ohhh my - I just got a download....

So: the 10 commandments it says something like "don't take the wife of another" or something alike - when translated into a "non - physical meaning" it means trust your very own wisdom, divine feminine attributes - so we each have to develop our very own relationship with our being.... and within that, there's no "right or wrong".....

That reminds me of the writings I made last "autumn" and what came up as well in a phone conversation I had yesterday:

There's a big difference between "helping someone to help themselves" or to help in a way that does create dependency... keep that in mind.... and I do too ;-)

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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

Dane Rudhyar - many publications and books.... available through "Rudhyar Archival Project"...

The "galactic connections" ;-)

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Barry Ion
Barry Ion
Apr 27, 2022

Epic work Fran. Thank you :-)

Fran Arnet
Fran Arnet
Apr 27, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Barry - you're the first ever to comment directly on a post and I'm really "thrilled" about that 😀

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