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The Mind, a wonderful instrument.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Artwork showing pyramid-floating rock in space with passenger by spirit molecule website

(Artwork downloaded from "spirit molecule" website)

I find these times most interesting – I feel for/with everyone who suffers in this times of change though!! – to me personally, I would not have thought that I would ever write such “articles” or would do any of the things I have started years ago and that lead me to what and who and where I am today. What I perceive and what I learn every day is just amazing – new information brings new understanding also of the past – a really wonderful experience, I most appreciate!!!

I’m somebody with a “logic mind” and therefore I feel the need to “prove” things I learn to myself – not always an easy task and did in the past bring pretty difficult experiences as well but that’s how we learn/discern right…. So, at first, I saw all the synchronicities happening, which made me feel joyful and full of “love”. Now I find the synchronicities within my past experiences, also little ones – I learn, gain knowledge and can confirm it with either “physical” experiences, feelings and dreams/visions I had (some decades ago). So, therefore I can confirm, what we often hear “it’s all inside you”. This phrase I tend to take further – as we do have all inside us, we do not need outside “forces”. Of course, we need “learning aids/tools” in many different forms but the more we learn, the different our tools become. Similar as each creature needs to learn to walk/move (according their form and/or state of development). But most certainly we do not need a “savior” in this meaning, as that would implicate, we just sit and wait for something to happen – we All, I guess, gladly accept any help/assistance to grow but the actual work we have to do ourselves.

Whatever way we’re “wired”, we use different terminology and ways of describing all the happenings, feelings and knowing. There is no “right or wrong”, there is only the way that feels “right” to each individually – we’re not here to judge or compare, we’re not in a “competition” or anything alike but with “respectful” exchange/communication we may be able to add, to grow. We’re All on the path since birth – some may understand that earlier, others later – doesn’t matter at all – but it means, some have information to share that may resonate with someone and so this “snowball” goes on. I know, some of us can “tap into” the collectives easier than others and/or express that differently – to me, many experiences of synchronicities just “speak” of that – what else are synchronicities than the actual first experiences of the understanding about collective thoughts – past, present and future ones ….

The learning of my last years sometimes feels like a “crash course” in many different “sciences”/perspectives – very interesting – I love it 😉 One part of this is Astrology and Astronomy – so I have “re-learned” from what I have learned long time ago and neglected for many, many years, but felt pulled into a different view. I also started to study certain parts of history, also here from a different view point – there are really extraordinary Scientists sharing their discoveries/conclusions/revelations – the same with translations of old spiritual/religious texts. It all blends together wonderfully – so many “puzzle pieces” that make the picture grow and grow… A wonderful journey 😊

The more we learn about ourselves, the more we actually accept/integrate our “positive and negative” sides and experiences (which is only our own judgment/value system/belief), the more we open ourselves to new views, new experiences, new learning which goes on and on…. To me, learning about the “Universal Laws”/Natural laws by the teachings of books about/”by” Thoth/Hermes (Hermetics/Kybalion/Emerald Tablets) and also parts of gnostic texts, in combination with my knowing about Astrology/Astronomy helped me a lot. Many people start with the teachings of the “Law of Attraction/Correspondence” out of the whole to experience how that works – yes, it does for some time as everyone needs to start “somewhere” but I guess, things change at one point or another as there is the need to learn more and integrate more aspects in order to find “wholeness”… Hahahaha, no, me too have still a lot to learn and I’m happy to share the steps I go through and what I learn on this path, just be aware – nothing here is “absolute” and thus, there is no “end.

All around us, we can observe the Laws working – most prominent/obvious, the Polarity. We really live that out in extremes but yeah, my own experiences in the past tell a lot of that principle, sigh – we really learn through experience and it sometimes seems impossible to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, the way out, the “good” in it… But there always is – we could call that “portal”, if you wish – or “decision” as I usually call it. However, to me it’s like I stated in my last short post, we look at the “negative/evil/bad” and we either participate in that or we decide to say “no”, acknowledge it’s current manifestation but turn around and focus on whatever we would actually like to experience/manifest… it’s not about living in denial as polarities do exist and are needed on every “level/ray/dimension” but in a different “extreme”. With such small decisions we actually rise our “vibration”, which means the “motion/movement/action” already, as nothing stands still even it sometimes seems though – I just got the idea to explain that with “distance”, the further away the poles (positive/negative or feminine/masculine) the further the “lower” the vibration and same time “longer” the rhythm/pendulum/cycle but when we “shorten” the distance, come closer in the polarities or acknowledge their similarities and cooperation, the “shorter” the distance becomes and thus, the vibration “higher” and the cycle “shorter” as well (like “instant manifestation” or “instant karma” etc.).

I wish you All a happy day,



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