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Thoughts and "Puzzle parts"

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

two puzzle pieces hold against the sun and almost put together

This morning I read a translation and interpretation of chapter X. The Key – Corpus Hermeticum and it was truly a key….

Suddenly some part of the puzzle revealed a picture – I share some of it here:

I always had the feeling that there’s something wrong with the Christian Religion the way I was taught about. Therefore, I have looked for answers elsewhere – I always said, when asked, that I belief in Nature. I think that’s the simplest way to explain what I felt to be true and since I study old texts (translations), I’m even more sure about that simple description. I also understand now, that also the Christian texts would contain the same wisdom as many other old texts, philosophies and religions – much was only lost in the interpretation of words (translation) and the times it was translated and the general beliefs, taboos and so on that were common in those particular societies.

We know that one of the Universal Laws is the one about polarities or duality. What we misunderstand in this, is the fact that it’s the same axis in every “polarity” and so in nature the same but only in expression different. Therefore also “good and bad” is actually the same in some ways and both part of the creation….

Throughout my life I have always wondered, why I and other people I see, always learn “best” from mistakes or pain… It’s simple: when we’re at that side of the pole, we suddenly find the strength to find or at least search for a way out and to something “better”, more “right” to us…. Also, it’s like a turning point of the “Pendulum” (Rhythm) and when we turn around at that “bad pole” we see and focus on the other side and start the journey towards it (focus brings attraction) – I actually had many times for the last 40 years kind of “lucid dreams” or something, that did show me exactly that principle as well….

According to what is going on right now globally, I think we’re as Humanity asked to wake up to what and who we are and the happenings will bring us there – some sooner, some later, according to how much pain each needs and where on the pole- axis one chooses to be.

Nature will take care of everything – there’s also the Universal Law of “Cause and Effect”, so no worries about that 😉

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