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Wake-up .... thoughts

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

floating and hanging watches painting by Salvador Dali

Now that the world is slowly "baby step by baby step" opening or easing the lock-downs, we will be forced to look at the "leftovers" and hopefully more people will wake up to truth and take their power back to bring change for a better world. Each and everyone of us counts and those who are not in the situation to create for themselves will need our help to help themselves!!! Each and everyone of us can do something and is important!!!! We "only" have to wake up to the truth - I know, it's actually horrible the more you know but on the other hand, it sets one free - free to "give a shit" about the so called "leaders" and then go on and do what is right for you and with it the collective - once we start to see the truth of what is going on in the 3D world, we also will realize that there is more - a lot has been hidden from us for a very long time and feer has been used to manipulate us not only in daily life but also about our origins and soul-being ... we need to "fight"/stand for ourselves and not against "something or someone", take your power and create your and our "new reality or world" .... I know, there is more of horrible news around now, and it's normal to become angry or in fear but that wont solve the problem - also same time, this will help many to wake up to the now not so much hidden truth...

With the lunar North-Node in Gemini we are asked to learn, to communicate, to be curious, to be social and to put our visions and higher perspectives we gain from the South-Node in Sagittarius into practical every day use. In roughly 4 months the nodes axis will change sign and the collective energies or "purpose" will change into Taurus which is a feminine Earth-sign and stands for values, money, property and the lands - not only "outside" of us but also "inwards" - yes, you heard that before when I was talking about Venus, they represent similar energies and it's not surprising that Venus is considered the "ruler" of Taurus or maybe Taurus one of her homes.... however.... I'm working on the Astrology "unfolding" for the next few months and will put it out in steps I guess, otherwise it will become a huge video or too long of a read, lol...

Image: painting by Salvador Dali

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