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When you're Child is a "Dreamer"

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

This is just a part of something else I was writing but I got the feeling it's important to put this out there......

I have been a very vivid dreamer for many, many years. I have taken “lessons” in form of dreaming when I was a teenager – all very fascinating. I even remember dreams I had when I was as young as around 4 years old… so, to me it used to be a very important part of my life. I also had many dreams that became true, some right the next day and some later on. That I had the feelings of deja-vu was kind of a normal daily thing to happen. It was often a bit uncomfortable as I didn’t remember all, so I didn’t know what to do. I then started to take them just as a “be alert”/present/aware and that actually helped…. Later in my early 40’s I had a time of nightmares (around 4 months), I didn’t sleep anymore and often when I did, I woke from a dream and when I after a half hour or so went back to sleep, the same dream continued and I wasn’t able to steer it neither… I was horrified and that state was the same in my day-life… I remember one of those dreams and it seems to be important and I have an idea but I’m not sure about it yet… however, I didn’t remember dreams for some time then after but luckily by now, I more often remember again and I love it 😊…. Another part then is, when you’re actually in “parallel-realities” – if you’re a dreamer you will know, it’s a totally different feel to it and when you finally wake up, it can be kind of difficult to discern “where” you are. I had these experiences already with approximately 5 years old (with clear memory) but I was often “lost”, I thought those were also real – meaning that I thought the other people involved would remember it as well but they didn’t. So that was very difficult for me and I after a while, started to find a way how to discern without making the people around me “angry”/helpless… so if you have a child like this but yourself aren’t into these themes of spirituality or “esoteric”, please be gentle, be understanding and listen – it’s natural and it’s a gift.

Furthermore, there are the “out of body experiences”. Can be very scary – especially if you’re only like 8,9 or 10 years old (I do not remember exactly how old I was but around that age). I always fell to the side but before, I was dreaming something and then got this strange feeling of kind of “circles and waves”. When I fell, it was into a vortex or something alike and it went very fast so to speak – usually I would go for a while but then when it got so far already starting to feel scared and so with all my will could stop and then would start to “climb back up” (that was the feel to it) and then I would either wake up or being in an alternative reality-“dream”… What also can happen are the dream in a dream in a dream in a dream – yes, it sounds multi layer and is quite interesting but the way to come back can be a bit difficult at times, luckily that did start to happen when I was a bit older, so I could discern if I’m still in a dream or actually really back and “awake”…. Please again Parents, if you’re child does have experiences like that, give love and understanding and look for guidance with people who do have experiences with these matters – not school medicine and not the church!!

Many people tell me, they’re not dreaming at all – which is of course not true but sure, not remembering can be confused with that. It seems that just “shut it off” either consciously or unconsciously and of course, some people are more “gifted” in that than others, meaning it’s easier to them to have this access. We All have gifts – some more direct than others and some people highly aware of it and others not so much. Whatever it is, that one is gifted with (or several things) it needs to be appreciated and practiced with to improve. Just don’t be afraid of it – accept it, embrace it and live it… Nowadays there is so much help out there, if you don’t know how to handle a gift or make a disturbing experience with it – there are people out there who can help or at least understand what you’re talking about – simply ask the Universe to show you how and where you can help, you will be guided to that…

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