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As above so below - as inside so outside

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

an ancient constellation map

Roughly 12 hours ago Venus and Mercury conjunct in the late part of the constellation Taurus. We will have a new Moon occurring in less than an hour from when I type this in the early constellation of Taurus. Those of you who are interested in Astrology have for sure heard a lot of this and I won't go into detail but note, it's the constellation of Taurus both "events" take place... The later part of Taurus is influenced by Orion and a bit before, just above Rigel, the foot of Orion, there's the start of Eridanus; the river of life - and the earlier degrees Perseus (he slayed the Gorgons and the sea monster "Cetus" in order to free princess Andromeda), Cassiopeia (the Queen and Mother of Andromeda) and here in early Taurus we also find the famous 7 sisters = Pleiades and the Hyades (head of the bull). So this area is about successfully "slaying" and integrating our monsters - to find the safety, worth and values of ourselves ("definition") ..... Venus and Mercury already passed this area but Venus is retrograding back and will reach the Hyades by the 21st of June while Mercury will be in the constellation of Gemini by then.....

All the retrogrades going on at the moment speak of the inner wisdom and connection needed now, to find the right solutions for all the problems at hand in these times of uncertainty, confusion and fear.... Are the visions, idealistic pictures we gain actually and practically translating yet or not - can we find the certainty and trust in our visions and ideals and get ready, transform and work towards the goals!!?.... the stellium over the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn and in earlier Capricorn do speak about this... now also Saturn and Pallas are retrograde, so all are asking us to go inside, feel, think and then go from there... we have some time to do so - and prepare.... Saturn wants maturity and responsibility in the structures, Pallas is a warrior Queen ("brainchild" of Jupiter) and finds intelligent and innovative solutions in a fair and just way, balanced and in respect. She's the "Puzzler", brings the pieces of information to a whole picture and likes to blend the energies of the dreamer and realist to union. Same theme we have on the cusp area of Sagittarius and Capricorn. She travelled from Terebellum to Sham (conjoining Sham closely) and started retrograde back to Terebellum just a few days ago.... she also is overseeing her companions in this stellium - they're more on the ecliptic plane but her pretty further up - Chariklo for example is "right" under her and she's the one who nurtures and shelters those who are "outsiders", the misunderstood ones or simply "different" ones - she's balanced, stable and understanding. Jupiter actually conjoins Terebellum (didn't we just had that name before!!??) and Pluto not far from it but further into Sagittarius still conjoining Jupiter. On the other side of Pallas/Chariklo there is Saturn in the early degrees of his home constellation Capricorn... Jupiter and Pluto meaning magnetized, idealistic power for transformation and restructuring. Saturn means maturity and responsibility as mentioned above and when combining all of that with the energies of Pallas and Chariklo - what would you say to this? I think more help and clues one can hardly get....

Uranus the big liberator of our known planets is in Aries, just above the head of Cetus the sea monster (the one who had trapped princess Andromeda) - Aries talks about innovative leadership and action for new beginnings....

Neptune the spiritual, transcendent one is still in Aquarius (the future orientated, technical professor and scientist) - so I think that could lead us to the idea of actually use our own bodily, mental and spiritual powers (technique and technology) each and everyone of us got... he actually answers in Aquarius to it's ruler Uranus the liberator in the new beginnings of Aries....

Lol, it's 1.11am here - happy new Moon and new beginnings All

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