Creating by doing - new Moon June 2021

Updated: Oct 24

geocentric astrology chart about the new Moon June 2021

New Moon 10th of June 2021 in sid. Taurus – conjoined by Mercury

I personally love the “balsamic times” a lot – they bring so much insight, understanding and knowing. A time when we “wrap up” and “digest” in order to birth or at least wish for the new – the Moon isn’t visible, so the energy “uncertain” as we can’t see the “exact future’ yet as it needs to be “invented” first…. Possibilities and choices – freedom 😉 … for any cycle there are these “wrapping up”, digesting and creative times… just like as we sit in front of a blank paper and can start drawing/ painting, writing, folding, cutting it into the form of our own future…

This lunar cycle may become another “turbulent” one in some way, as you can read in the more detailed descriptions following this “introduction” …

We have the heart-mind-coherence activated and now we want to act accordingly, we want to manifest, to experience the “new” in the physical realms. We understand now, that the “nourishment” we get, is a reflection of what we give out and what we reflect is also based on what we feed us with, so it’s a question of “information-flow” – what kind of News are we watching, what kind of movies, music, books, how we act or participate on social media and so on… It’s also a question of how we let others “define” us or not. In these coming weeks and months, we will see a lot of “hidden” agendas coming to “light” for everyone to be seen, globally as well as individually. We’re now in the time we can relax about the “information” about those agendas as they will unfold “naturally” and we can concentrate on the rebuilding, the “re-invention” of self and the first steps into a new reality, based on the shifted energies, perception and belief… for some people this may feel as “disrupting” and surprising and for others “liberating” – either way, we’ll need to work together here on the global scale using our individual ways…

Just like many “wild animals” we have been in the “winter-sleep” or let’s say “cocoon”, gathering information and nourishment to form our believes and “basis” and now we want to bring this out, manifest – we want to “try out” and by knowing “nothing is absolute”, that we can change at any time, if it’s not becoming as we want, we also have the “feeling of safety” and the bravery needed to go ahead…. From the heart!!!

In the movies the “Hero” does face difficulties and challenges – without them, no “Hero” would be needed 😉 - as we’re All creators, visionaries, adventurers and so on, we’re also All “Heroes” as we “learn by doing” – remember, we have the “blank paper” we can shift into the story we want – the “stamina” and bravery needed for the action to follow the word, is here and strong….

Just like the Child that learns swimming fastest, when thrown into the water….

Sun and Moon at 24°29’24” Taurus – Earth same degree in Scorpio/Ophiuchus and Mercury conjoins Sun and Moon at 25°23’47” Taurus in retrograde. This new Moon happens over the left shoulder of Orion (the Hunter) marked by the star Bellatrix, between the Bull’s horns and under Auriga (the Charioteer) near its alphastar Capella. Interestingly this is the region of Ceres’ Northnode and near the Northnodes of Venus and a little further of Uranus. Remember, Ceres and Uranus have their exact conjunction just a few hours after the New Moon….

I talked about the paths and conjunctions of Mercury, Venus and Uranus in April and this new Moon does “remind” us of it and will give direct information and “activation” to all of the players involved. The theme is the liberation of the “heart-mind-coherence” as a part of the activation of the inner “bio-technology” and the understanding of ourselves within the All. Here the link to that article:

Link to my “planets page” with drop down menu for each of the main planets and asteroids:

The stars of this area talk about the more “physical” tasks and accomplishments but also challenges and struggles we may have to face or overcome – it’s not so much about not having any fears or doubts but that we trust our instincts and other personal, inner guiding system… We need to accept situations, to “let go of its scare”, in order to be free enough to use Bellatrix’ planning and administrative abilities to fulfil our “dreams”. ideas or tasks together with the Columba the “divine Dove” in the south, who represents help and direction in stressful times… don’t blame or “hate” stress and obstacles as they’re just a “tool” so to speak – it’s just “life” telling you, look here, get this and deal with it and by “trusting yourself” you’ll get that “pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow” we only need to “steer” our own “expression” (Sunshine) towards that we want to experience in the physical life.

This whole “stellium” is in a first square to Neptune and “loosely” Pallas, both in late Pisces, which means that the new Moon “earthly theme” and action does same time “stimulate” the Neptune-Pallas themes and the other way round... Just like we don’t know the taste of a certain food until we actually eat it, we gain “clarity” and “insight” or “realization”, same time maybe creating ideas for a future diet (just an example to explain the type of energy, even though “nourishment is a theme too but in a broader way) or to talk in “lunar terms” – if you don’t remember what you planted, you have to let it sprout fully in order to recognize it… So, there might actually be things that “sprout out” for us to see 😉

Every time when we talk about “action”, we also need to look at Mars – He’s at 4° Cancer (star system Tegmen of Cancer) opposing retrograding Pluto at 1° sign of Capricorn conjoining the star Terebellium of Sagittarius. The “transformation” of our willpower and action is at its culmination point (intake of information / integration for task). Our way of action and will, in a more protective but yet nurturing way, from a more “inner and connected” position. We may also more “reflect” on our own actions, to be more aware of consequences not only to others but also to ourselves.

Very important during this new Moon-cycle is the conjunction of Ceres and Uranus (further confirmed with the placement on their Northnodes) in combination with the “heart-mind- coherence” (new Moon on Venus Northnode and conjoining Mercury).

Here an “excerpt” of the writing about finalizing and restarting this cycle:

The new cycle will take place around 20 degrees further in Aries, over the head of Cetus – actually right “on top” of that head. During this time Mercury is at solar conjunction, giving special emphasis to the “head”-mind involved - use the “heart-mind” instead 😉 The long legs of Andromeda symbolize the “stamina”, the honor we need to keep. These stars talk about being in the own self, uncorrupted but can also bring a taste of naiveté to the powerplays around us. As we’re the co-creators of this “collective consciousness”, we need to be aware of how we “nourish” not only ourselves but also that collective. What we think, what we watch, what we talk – all of it does impact ourselves as well as our surrounding/environment… We gain now the clarity about this and in the new cycle we have to actually use it, to put it into action to liberate us All from feeling “trapped” or dependent or in fear – to also understand, that each of us does have the same right for individual decisions. To nourish ourselves with what we want for the future but same time helping others to get their nourishment/honor they deserve and may need to find their own way and self.

Further important to note for our new Moon-cycle is the fact, that the above Ceres-Uranus cycle is in aspects: Ceres first quarter square to Saturn at almost 18° Capricorn and for Uranus it’s the last quarter square. Furthermore, they’re in Trine with Orcus, a “direct Helper” of Pluto (“Keeper of oaths and promises”). Even Uranus with his 84 years orbit is much faster than Orcus, therefore it’s for both, Ceres and Uranus, the “last Trine” meaning a 240° aspect.

This new cycle and now especially at this very new energy, we will feel the “push and pull” effects we get also from Saturn and Orcus. Orcus is also talking about the “sacredness of life” and Saturn about structures/manifestations in general. The changes we may have in mind for us, might be “challenged” by structures (politics, society, medicine etc.) but on the other side, we may feel an alignment with our own perspectives and beliefs about life itself and Humanity’s role.

We need to stay “strong” within our own inner beliefs, oaths and “soul” and align our “intake” to the “knowing” and where necessary, change the structures accordingly – this of course, includes our very own personal “bio-technology” 😉

The Ceres-Saturn cycle is actually a “triple cycle” or almost 4 – it was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction together with Ceres in January 2020, therefore the Ceres-Saturn cycle includes Pluto for both of them – the “Transformation” within!!!! Furthermore Chariklo “the sacred, safe space” was less than 2 degrees away and it happened while in a square with Eris the “disruption for truth/reality”…. The “Sun – Earth axis” within 3 degrees… which means expression and physicality…. Just on the side, the small Asteroid Hygiea (the art of Medicine) was in middle of Taurus conjoining the star Aldebaran (the “sword” of truth).

As I like to say – “it’s all just perfectly orchestrated” 😊

The heliocentric Saturn-Uranus cycle started in June 1988 and will start anew in July 2032. The 1988 conjunction happened in early Sagittarius near the Galactic Center, the Solstice point and the GEN (Galactic equator crossing the ecliptic). Furthermore, it happened Chiron opposing in Gemini at the other Solstice point and the “Anti-GEN”.

Ceres is not usually seen as a “main Player” but following the heliocentric cycles of recent years, I noticed she’s often closely involved within “major conjunctions/cycles”… she’s to be taken seriously – as all the “feminine” Bodies…

On 21st of June we’ll have the June-Solstice and therefore we’ll be “on the galactic cross” again – it happens 4 times a year – so again, the “veils” will be thin or thinner… I will talk/write about that separately though…. 23 hours after the Solstice we’ll have the conjunction and new cycle start of Venus and Mars.

Venus and Mars have their heliocentric conjunction on 22nd of June – geocentric will be 13th July. “finalizing”:

The old cycle at around 9 degrees of sid. Leo: This area talks about leadership, those in positions to “navigate” the path of the group/country/themselves. In the broader perspective of global affairs it may also talk about those who work “behind the scenes”/hidden but with the power (3D) at hand. The Lion stands for nobility, leadership, generosity, integrity, honesty and confidence – well, that can always be used in various ways – for us on a personal level it means, that we have everything at hand, to act in coherence between the feminine and masculine principles of life. It may also indicate, that there needs to be a closer look at the “present situation” in order to “navigate” (Sextans) the future direction of path (globally and individually). This may include to actually realize the reality of “uncomfortable” things in order to “clear” the path…

This “clearance” is very important for us now – to see, to understand and then birth anew.

Venus is about the heart, the values and the self. She’s the “feminine counterpart” to Mars. Mars is of physical power/energy, the action needed to get anything done, sexuality and generally more the “masculine principle” but not to be mistaken for a “war-god” – he’s of protective action.

The new cycle, looking at both, the geocentric and heliocentric positioning, we find the whole head of the Lion involved as well as Alphard of Hydra (the “loner”). The geocentric chart of that moment shows extreme aspects all over the chart, even so I use 50% reduced orbs – it’s like as they’re just all want to be involved and help here, in one or another way. Venus and Mars stand in a loose opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun in late Gemini in trine with Neptune and the Moon in Leo in opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius.

This is an area that brings the Cancerian and Leonian connection into a leading path – even when it means to “stand alone” or only with a few – it’s an area that talks about visionaries, adventurers and similar energetics. We “invent” or “re-invent” ourselves from within (Cancer- womb – shell - structure) and then bring it out into the world, to shine – breaking out of the cocoon into the world.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – all the above plus the “cross”

The Rising (Ascendant) and Setting (Descendant) is at 10°11’22” Scorpio – Taurus axis at the two heads – similar to the last full Moon placement…

The Zenit (Midheaven) and the Nadir (Imum Coeli) axis at 14°18’6” Leo – Aquarius. The MC conjoined by Orcus (soul oaths) and the IC at the Star Situla of Aquarius.

As you can see, this is the “fixed cross” and combined with the “hard heads” with a soft core. So we may get this kind of “stubbornness” but same time it’s an anchoring, safe energy. One may not “loose” control over their “horses” so to speak – acting from a stable, inner place.

We want to express, shine and make public in a “playful”, creative way by using the resources and fundaments at hand. There’s the feeling or need for balance and harmony in relationships with others, the “reflection” and by using our own creative forces, we will also experience that but we have to overcome this feeling of restriction by those we think that “rule”. By recognizing that there’s always a way (giggles, especially in Thailand), we will be able to use the current energies available for good… just don’t get “disempowered” – challenges are chances and remember that “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” 😉

Much Love to you All,


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