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Earth at Aphelion Astrology

Updated: Jan 22

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology 1st week 07.2023 culminating with Earth at her Aphelion

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycles and orbital points Astrology - empowering and connecting on our evolutionary paths


- 30th of June the Jupiter – Pluto cycle at exact first square (90°)

- 4th of July Venus at her Southnode at 21°33’45” sidereal Scorpio

- 4th / 5th of July Hygiea conjoins Chariklo at 15°21’43” sidereal Capricorn

- 6th / 7th of July Earth at her Aphelion at 19°10’51” sidereal Sagittarius

Well – a bit much for only one week, lol – I’ll do my best to keep it simple….

The Jupiter – Pluto cycle first square is active the whole week and beyond.

Yes, by the time I publish this post, this exact square is already separating, yet this post is about the planetary events with their correlations and building up towards Earth's Aphelion, with which we will work on for some time...

Their conjunction was actually a triple conjunction together with Pallas and took place at 28° sidereal Sagittarius on 31st of July / 1st of August 2020… this placement also means; it took place on Saturn’s Southnode and the Saturn – Pluto conjunction did take place just a few months before that between Pluto’s and Saturn’s Southnodes and was a triple conjunction too but with Ceres…

The entanglement here is important as you will see “step by step”…

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