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Vesta and Uranus cycles

Updated: Jan 22

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycle Astrology – evolutionary paths…

Vesta conjoins Uranus on 28th / 29th of June 2023 at 24°10’56” sidereal Aries

Their last conjunction took place on 7th of September 2019 at 8°46’23” sidereal Aries in the beginning of the constellation Aries.

Whereas this upcoming conjunction takes place at the late part of the constellation Aries – Uranus at the star Botein of Aries and Vesta a little more south over the star Atirsagne of Taurus.

The Two stand in only one "obvious" aspect and that’s a trine (120°) formed by Mars in Leo.

The Players:

Vesta is our inner, sacred flame – so it’s our devotion but she’s also about “time sharing” in the mythology – how much are we going to “endure” in order to keep our flame burning, to find our “purpose”, inner knowing (also knowledge in general) and actually act on it. She’s also Saturn’s daughter and as such they share the theme “commitment” – for Vesta it’s even “devotion”.

Uranus is the rebel, liberator and scientist – he represents or brings the unexpected, sudden and surprising. It’s his way of “pushing” us into a direction or “liberate” us. Just like a Scientist that discovers something by “accident” and this discovery changes the whole concept and course of the original research or even the world. The expression of this can be anywhere in between genius to madness.

Vesta nd Uranus do have a theme in common – the “liberated” self… through “devotion” to something we can have these “mystical” experiences (Mercury the messenger) – just like Scientists who are very devoted to their field of research and study get answers through whatever “channel one is reachable”…

The thing is though, real passion in the meaning of devotion and “fire” can’t be “commanded”, copied or anything alike… or said the other way around, if living a true passion with devotion, it has lots of consequences including activations of chakras (bio technology) and more…

Lol, there might though be the danger of “forgetting to eat, sleep, time in general” etc.

Vesta and Uranus may be a perfect pair to liberate our bio technology - and I think, we have the chance to see "similarities" between the theme of A.I. and ourselves and "use it" for the good (both, the inner and the outer)...

The location – star Botein of Aries, first stars of Taurus and in this longitude

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