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Full Moon energy for the year change 20-21

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This full Moon occurs in sid. Gemini (over Alhena and between Tejat and Mebsuta, all stars of Gemini)– meaning the Sun in sid. Sagittarius (conjoining Facies – head/face of Sagittarius)

– both at 13°36’, this is also near Jupiter’s (similar energy as Sagittarius) nodal axis, which gives again emphasis to these themes and Jupiter itself.

The full Moon is always the 180 degrees point (culmination) of the Moon’s cycle. It means it’s at its highest point – where it’s most prominent and seen – the themes in its full “illumination”. The Gemini – Sagittarius axis has been discussed by countless people and times this year especially, so this theme is one last time illuminated this year – TRUTH to oneself and others, a higher and broader view/mind and integrating into daily life and collaboration…

Around me I could observe that a lot to happen – people made their decisions according their own truth/viewpoints which may also have impact on others but remember – we’re All free to decide for ourselves and “love” means, that we honor and respect decisions of others, even we’re not in agreement with them – in turn, we have the same freedom…. Inner truth and living according to it, isn’t always so easy in our “modern” times – there are so many things that others “demand” of us or we think they demand it of us – it’s the structure of our lives that dictates these behaviors.

Now this year has been about seeing, acknowledging these structures in our lives and in societies. Society or any group or collective means, many Individuals together - so, therefore what we decide and do individually does have an effect on the "collective" and the other way round.... Recognizing and healing the own inner world (structures as beliefs, values etc.) and relationship with oneself and all the polarities around and within us another "highlighted" theme. This results in “work” - a job that never stops in some ways as once started, we go on and on and on… For All of us the themes were presented in individual ways – many decided to change their own ways and proceeded in their lives, even with all the restrictions that were and are out by the different collectives/governments. Many people have learned (knowingly or unknowingly both) that our own perception and reaction to the world, does define our reality. That is the theme of the Gemini – Sagittarius axis. Our mindset, the perception/ awareness and how we reflect to ourselves and into our daily life. There is no “right” way – every way is right as the individual expression of life and as soon as we let go of fears, we experience a “whole new world”.

We start to feel the Jupiter and Saturn squares to Uranus. The 3 are about to come into their “last quarter”-part of their cycles together – Uranus will be stationing direct on 14th of January, his 4th quarter / square to Jupiter will be on 18th of January 2021 (heliocentric on 1st February) with Saturn the heliocentric square will be exact on 19th Oct. and geocentric on 24th of Dec. 2021. Saturn is slow moving and so even the square is not exact within a year, it’s now just under 6° difference to the exact square, so we will feel it the whole year. Jupiter is much faster, so it will be sooner and “separating” sooner but still for a bit of time…. Many people are talking about “the age of Aquarius” and feeling this energy, that won’t happen for a few hundred years BUT Uranus is representing a similar energy as Aquarius. For years Uranus stayed in sid. Aries and will for some more – Uranus is about liberation, sudden events and surprises, the future and science and Aries is about new beginnings and I’s enthusiasm and “victory” but, Aries is also about the “fight” for this new “birth”, as it means that part of the old needs to “go” and especially the fears or insecurities related to that “new” – like the plants fight their “heads” through the soil towards the air and light or like starting a new job, means to let go of the old one and being open for new experiences, people and so on… The original start of this Jupiter – Uranus cycle was on 24th Sept. 2010 (heliocentric) in early sid. Pisces near the vernal point. I will talk more about this, lol, next year 😉 But so much for now – the original theme is breaking through the veil and get the crystal clear, transcend view and to use that for a sustainable future and growth on all levels (including our own “soul” growth). The next cycle will start in March 2024.

Well – it’s really interesting to note, that now Mars moved into his “home”-sign of Aries (similar energies) and is as well in square to Jupiter and Saturn but also not exact yet… Even though the “bigger” cycles give the overtone and themes of decades, centuries and millennia, we do very directly feel the “personal planets” and Mars belongs to this “family”. In our action and energy, we may be feeling triggered by Jupiter’s and Saturn’s themes, which can be experienced both, positive or negative – in either case, we get further information about ourselves and where we actually want to go towards to or at least how or where not – remember, where we direct our energy and “force” to, that’s where we are…

Venus is on the way to conjunct with the lunar Southnode in sid. Scorpio under the constellation of Ophiuchus and therefore opposing the lunar Northnode in Taurus (Venus’ home). Bringing emphasis to the beauty of “self-mastery”, that the path is wonderful (literally – full of wonders) and that we can find beauty and love anywhere and anytime. Self-mastery or anything that we achieve by ourselves, gives us a feeling of satisfaction – that can be only very “daily” things like cooking a delicious meal, repair something, re-arranging furniture, success in the job or project anything really and we “reward” ourselves by feeling good and happy… our own value system may change by changing the own perspective and that changes our life…

After reading all of this, you will not be surprised, that Mercury – mind, communication and commerce – stands in Sagittarius with again the themes of “higher” learning, views, ideals and Truth.

They All are working together – hand in hand. We decide very day, in every little moment what we value (Venus) by our communication (Mercury) and our action (Mars).

Yes, Truth is major theme – it has been for a while and in different forms – there are so many layers to that. We All would say “yes, I want truth and honesty” but are we also communicating this out? To what are we ready to “sacrifice” the honesty to? – money? prestige? power? or fear?

As I like to say – it’s all simple, not necessarily easy 😉

Much Love to you All and if I don’t get on again before –

happy new Year, have a great shift into 2021,


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