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Jupiter - I caught him on picture

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I was looking through the Telescope before taking the photos, I was blinded by the bright lights.... I got a picture of both, Jupiter and Saturn together but Saturn came out not so clear - I'll try to crop him too and see what there is "hidden" as that how it happened....

I put those pictures up on my website just click on the link, if you also want to get more information about him - the pictures I put up here below....

Another wonderful sight I had now for the last days (by "naked" eye), started at the time when Jupiter and Saturn were really closely (longitude to the second, latitude and declination within a degree) that the sky was clear of the earlier clouds and even so they were long below the horizon here, but I saw a very bright star just coming "up" behind the rooftop of my neighbors house. Very bright, very colorful a bit below Sirius (who actually was looking "faint" in comparison) and so I knew it must be Canopus alphastar of Carinae and "ancient" Argo Navis. - yes, I know, I didn't get to put a page together about them yet but I will soon... I wished I could get an own picture of Canopus, sigh - oh well, I'll find one online ;-) - I for sure was "reminded" of a conversation I just had short before with my Aunt about what or "who" the Christmas-star could have been.... Canopus is said to be the "Orchestrator" of the evolutionary path of the universe and all it's inhabitants (souls) - interesting mind play - where does that lead to???

So, but now back to the pictures:

from 2 Original to Crop to "edited" (brightness, luminosity, sharpness)

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