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more new Venus cycles - 2nd to 10th of April 2021

During the time now until the New Moon on 12th of April, Venus is "active" – she’s going to start two new cycles with other feminine energies..

The “players”: Venus (Aphrodite) – Ceres (Demeter) – Eris (roman Discordia)

Venus – the goddess of beauty and love – our personal value system in all forms, self-definition as well as any material values and it’s resulting “desires”, greed and so on….

More about Venus:

Ceres the goddess of agriculture, harvest and motherhood – she’s all about nurturing – others, ourselves, the environment and that includes any “intake”, so also ideas, thoughts or simply movies or other entertainment….

More about Ceres:

Eris was described as the goddess of strife and discord – in modern Astronomy she’s a dwarf planet with a long orbit of 558 years. She’s a feminine warrior archetype and brings “disruptive” energies, that shall shed light onto the “reality” of a situation and therefore to see the own truth. It’s not easy to see and accept the own shadow sides, false beliefs, false teachings but if we do, we’ll underneath find the gifts and talents…. She is about finding the resonance and flow within self and our surrounding and “nature” (natural universal laws). Like the play/resonance/wave between “chaos” and “order”…..

More about Eris:

Venus – Ceres conjunction around 21° Pisces

heliocentric 2nd of April 9;05 am (Univ. 02.05am) - geocentric 3rd of April 22:56 (Univ. 15:56)

Interestingly their nodal axis is only a few degrees apart in 21° and 25° Taurus-Scorpio. Linking their themes, which are related and they obviously influence each other.

This conjunction/new cycle takes place in an area already over the Cetus-conformity-story as well as under the arms of trapped Andromeda, just passed the Pegasus square…. But there’s also the star Veritate…..