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more new Venus cycles - 2nd to 10th of April 2021

Updated: Apr 18

During the time now until the New Moon on 12th of April, Venus is "active" – she’s going to start two new cycles with other feminine energies..

The “players”: Venus (Aphrodite) – Ceres (Demeter) – Eris (roman Discordia)

Venus – the goddess of beauty and love – our personal value system in all forms, self-definition as well as any material values and it’s resulting “desires”, greed and so on….

Ceres the goddess of agriculture, harvest and motherhood – she’s all about nurturing – others, ourselves, the environment and that includes any “intake”, so also ideas, thoughts or simply movies or other entertainment….

Eris was described as the goddess of strife and discord – in modern Astronomy she’s a dwarf planet with a long orbit of 558 years. She’s a feminine warrior archetype and brings “disruptive” energies, that shall shed light onto the “reality” of a situation and therefore to see the own truth. It’s not easy to see and accept the own shadow sides, false beliefs, false teachings but if we do, we’ll underneath find the gifts and talents…. She is about finding the resonance and flow within self and our surrounding and “nature” (natural universal laws). Like the play/resonance/wave between “chaos” and “order”…..

Venus – Ceres conjunction around 21° Pisces

heliocentric 2nd of April 9;05 am (Univ. 02.05am) - geocentric 3rd of April 22:56 (Univ. 15:56)

Interestingly their nodal axis is only a few degrees apart in 21° and 25° Taurus-Scorpio. Linking their themes, which are related and they obviously influence each other.

This conjunction/new cycle takes place in an area already over the Cetus-conformity-story as well as under the arms of trapped Andromeda, just passed the Pegasus square…. But there’s also the star Veritate…..

This may give us the feeling of being in between – what others think is good/nurturing or the way others “knew” us and what we feel is right for us – the dance at the borders between the own truth and the one of others but also within us, what we “always did” and feels comfortable and what we feel, we would like to change or just simply being or going to be/do, so also here the pulls of the old and the new…. We may feel more clarity about what we want to bring forth, what our true desires are for us, what “parts” of our lives we want to nourish and in what way….

Maybe we feel we want to try something different – another diet, other entertainment, other people we feel more understood with, bring more of ourselves into our existing relationships (of all kind) or have more time for ourselves for more relaxation, start a meditation practice or something similar, enjoy nature more than before, move furniture around to create different energies, to start an art-project, to color the hair or to stop doing that…. Whatever it is, it’s fine – just listen to yourself, of how you “react” to it, what the feel is and then act accordingly, either just continue, refine or dismiss….

Venus – Eris conjunction at 28° Pisces (only 2 minutes between helio- and geocentric)

heliocentric 7th April 0;44 am (Univ. 06.04. at 17:44) -

geocentric 10th April 06:17 (Univ. 09th 23:17)

Where there is the hidden, the secret, there will be disruption and unravelling during this time – more truth will surface, especially when it comes to themes as natural flow and nature itself. Here it doesn’t mean the “outside” world alone, but as always within as well. Disruption for truth, can bring clarity about the own wealth, the own beauty, the own gifts….

Also influential for both these conjunctions are the stars Revati and Baten Kaitos – Revati’s themes are of financial matters, inheritance, resources individually as well as globally….

Baten Kaitos is more about “transforming” – it’s a star of Cetus, the “conformity” of Human consciousness…. Also, this area at the cusp, or better said the upward swimming fish, gives the picture of two fish that are tied together – in order to “flow”, we need to “rise” above that which ties us down…

Themes may be the fear we have to do the “wrong” thing – we may ask ourselves, what do I need to do in order to get this or that result…. It means, we concentrate on fear and lack – we need to nourish us with that what we have, we All have gifts/talents, we All have our energy, we All have our power and courage and passion – if we trust on ourselves and concentrate on what we have within us, in our hearts, we guide ourselves and operate from this vibration will bring totally different outcomes… the disruptions will bring the good, will show more of the gifts, talents and flow….

Whatever we do, it’s our decision (free will Universe) but be aware of the Grand Square involving Orcus (one of Pluto’s helpers) who talks about promises and oaths….

The Grand Cross will shift during this time - meaning the "players change"... Being aware and to stay calm/grounded is the only recipe I know of.

Much Love to you All,


Here the link to the YouTube video I made about this theme:

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