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"mystic experiences" - April 2022 New Moon and more

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

New Moon 1st of April 2022 at 13:24:24 Thailand and 06:24:24 Universal time

Some parts of the American continent will again have their New Moon in the old month.

The Moon conjoins the Sun at 16°12’8” sid. Pisces and are accompanied by Chiron and Mercury – Earth at same degree sid. Virgo.

The lunar axis at: South 27°46’33” sid. Libra and North same degree Aries.

Uranus stands at 17°35’ sid. Aries (geocentric) and at 19°6’ heliocentric – the lunar Northnode will “meet” with Uranus around 31st of July/1st of August (exact) and joined by Mars…

There’s also the heliocentric Mars – Vesta conjunction now approaching and exact on 2nd of April at 21°11’ sid. Sagittarius and roughly 20 hours later the heliocentric conjunction of Mercury and Chiron will happen at 17° sid. Pisces…

6th of April the exact heliocentric “mark” of the first 30° between Jupiter and Saturn in their still very new cycle – so, we have finished the first 12th of it – going to push through, “the heads come out of the ground”….

12th of April we can observe a pretty close geocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. They’re also in latitude and declination only minutes apart… They meet in late Aquarius…. The geocentric conjunction marks kind of a “preparation” for their synodic cycle to restart as the heliocentric conjunction on 6th of June….

The “mechanics” of the Mercury cycle:

With Mercury and Venus the cycles are called differently as they orbit between the Sun and Earth – when Mercury is at solar conjunction it’s called a “superior conjunction” because Mercury is on the “other side” of the Sun than, which would look like Mercury – Sun – Earth and is similar to the “full Moon – eg. “full Mercury”…. When Mercury (or Venus) make a “new Moon” so to say, a new phase, they’re at “inferior conjunction” and closest to Earth within their orbit and it’s also when the retrograde season of them occurs (only in geocentric view, heliocentric they always go forward).

Mercury conjoining the Sun means here a new cycle with the Sun but a “full Mercury” with Earth and his interaction with us.. During the waxing phase of Mercury he becomes the “morning star” (rising before the Sun) and during the waning phase he’ll slowly shift to become the “evening star” (setting after the Sun)… As said above, the same principles are true for Venus…

While Mercury or Venus are at the “superior” conjunction, they’re not visible to us because the Sun outshines them but we see them clearly at the “squares”.

Because of the pretty fast Mercury (orbit ca. 88 days around the Sun) and our own “high speed” the cycle between Mercury and Earth takes around 116 days… For Venus this is ca. 225 days orbit and 584 days synodic cycle with Earth.

More about Mercury:

Why is this important now? Well, Mercury goes through an important phase of his cycle with Earth in the sense of he’s “consumed” by the Sun in some way, full of the creative (live giving) force of the Sun and therefore Mercury’s expression “changes” – full awareness in this sense and with it a change or chance of expression, changing from enthusiastic, outgoing action orientation within Mercury’s themes to a more “conclusive”, conscious way of expression…

As the new Moon is involved as well as Chiron, there’s a lot happening here – a lot of “change”, a lot of possibility to break old patterns and to emerge with a new sense of “self” in this way… Mercury’s mental force, the “electric”/neurological, messaging forces (like neurotransmitters) can be used in a more aware way, and with that a more conscious “steering” can occur.

Now adding the New Moon into it, with the more “emotional” part of us we gain more ability in bringing the two forces together – working together, connecting these inner forces of conscious mind and emotions and intuition to “pull on the same string” so to say… you see, such “breaks” loops and brings something “hidden” to the surface 😉

This stellium/new Moon happens at 16°12’8” sid. Pisces with Earth opposite same degrees Virgo. The Piscean star involved is Linteum which comes from Latin and means a linen cloth, sheet or sail – there are also stars of Cetus involved as Deneb Algenubi which comes from Arabic and means “the southern tail of the sea monster” in other star catalogues this region of the heavens is about Ostriches and Cranes and in Chinese it’s a granary…. In the northern sky we see Alderamin the alphastar of the constellation Cepheus, which marks his shoulder.