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New Moon 13th of March - a chain is only as strong as it's weakest part...

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Aquarius (the late part, under the “fish-head”) – therefore we on Earth in late Leo. Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus within just 3 degrees in late sid. Aquarius, There is a lot going on astronomically/astrologically:

- a day later Neptune and Venus conjoin (new cycle)

- a few hours before that Ceres - Chiron forming their new geocentric cycle and

- right after Vesta and Orcus start their new cycle

- another day later the Sun enters Pisces and gets to her vernal point in early Pisces on the 20th of March for the spring Equinox.

Details about all of this further down….

Opposing News and information have been very visible and in the open for more than a year now – we All want to know, what really is – we want to find clarity in order to enable us to find solutions towards life (whatever that means to each of us individually). This powerplay of the polarities has been disturbing and confusing, separating relationships and families but on the other hand it also holds possibility, chance, opportunity…. We do see the need for the world, we do see what is going wrong (environment, illness, separation, hunger, despair) but we also ask ourselves, where am I in this whole play… we’re in relationship with ourselves and with others – much may change as the polarities/extremes play also into our relationships. Can we stay strong in our own truth but same time value other people truth – as Adults we’re only responsible for ourselves and our actions and when every adult takes the same own responsibility, everything changes. In this time now, our “soul paths/oaths” are in focus – for each of us – so therefore we have to be concerned most about ourselves and not what others decide for themselves – each and everyone of us got an own path and freedom – free will Universe 😉

A chain is only as strong as its weakest part: an old saying that is really important, especially in these times now – if we replace the word “chain” by “collective/humanity as a whole”, then it becomes a very new perspective….. Again Uranus is a main Player - standing over the head of the constellation Cetus, which represents the “entrapment” by the conformity of the collective consciousness – we can’t change the collective itself, but we can liberate ourselves as part of the collective and add to the liberation of humanity…… In this past year, we have been pushed and supported by the Universe to liberate ourselves, to understand that we’re not a victim but holding great potential within us, that wants to be used, that wants to be integrated in order for us to become a whole, strong part of the human collective.

Our psyche is a very, very strong tool – it’s part of our inner technology. Right now, this technology can provide us with the commitment and devotion to our “souls” (heart/inner essence) to liberate our mind in order to gain clarity for the future path, for innovations and solutions to be found. Active, leading, self-confident and contributing – a whole part of the All – each of us an Individual part of Humanity – worth, authentic, important!!!!!

The themes of liberation, change, transformation – rise of awareness and consciousness – a new life…..

Much Love to you All,


Here the more detailed writing about the New Moon and celestial happenings of the coming days

New Moon 13.03.2021 17.21 pm Thailand time (Univ. = 10.21 am)

Interesting to note in the whole picture we get from the chart is the fact that most Bodies stand between the Southnode in Scorpio and the Northnode in Taurus – as the nodes move clockwise in evolutionary path direction, almost all the Bodies are in the second half (descending half) of the nodal cycle. The Vesta-Orcus conjunction and the now “rebellious” Varuna are in the first half and play a major role in these times….

We have a lot going on in Aquarius – from cusp to cusp so to speak. But also, from middle to late Leo to make the axis an axis 😉 All the Bodies in Leo “answer” to the Sun, and all the Bodies in Aquarius (also the Sun) answer to Uranus. This means again or still Uranus is a main player – he’s about liberation and change as well as “technology” (also our inner one!!!) and science for the greater good of All.

The Sun and Moon conjunct at 27°46’4” in the sign of Aquarius under the “circlet / fish head” – close to Neptune at 25°25’59”. Conjoining are the stars of the circlet (Pisces), Markab of Pegasus and in the south stars of Sculptor and Phoenix as well as the “final” part of Eridanus (river of life).

This area is the “watery” part of Aquarius – the shift between mental and socially active life to more “quieting”, spiritual, intuitive and emotional way of thinking. It’s also where Juno (25°) and Pallas (28°) Northnodes are placed at, meaning they are directly “activated” (also their Southnodes in Leo activated by Earth).

Markab is the first stars of the square of Pegasus – all others reside in sid. Pisces. He brings slowly awareness about the metamorphoses Pegasus can provide us. The physical body and all our physical, daily life is expression of our selves in the “higher” realms. Without a body no incarnate life – yes, there is the metamorphoses to the light body – but all realms are important and the task would finally be to live in full alignment and consciousness of all our bodies.

In the late parts of Aquarius, we’re starting to be more aware of the “other” bodies, align our physical body to a shift on genetic and cellular levels… we start to integrate the more “esoteric” ways of mental communication (within self).

Neptune conjoining the new Moon adds to the whole theme very much – he’s the modern “ruler” of Pisces and slowly on his way “home”, emphasizing the theme of clarity, transcendence and spirituality. He’s the “god” of the sea – all waters so to speak – as such he can bring calmness, clarity, still our thirst (also desires etc.) but also holds the destructive powers of water… His annual solar conjunction (new cycle) takes place just a couple days prior to the New Moon and an interesting astronomical fact is, that he’s very close (by AU) to Nessus and they’re together moving closer to Earth (reducing AU distance).

In the heliocentric chart, Venus and Mercury are in exact degree square during the new Moon. Venus in Aquarius and Mercury in Scorpio. In the Geocentric chart though, we see Venus approaching Neptune for their new cycle. She’s at 24°46’4” Aquarius and thus really adding the heart to the whole theme here… but also the value system. She’s closer to the area of Aquarius, where it’s about the groups or resources needed to get an idea into practicality (manifestation).

In the Geocentric chart, Mercury is at 1°28’15” Aquarius, thus under the influence of Cygnus the Swan, bringing the intellectual ideas, the visionary character into awareness… Now, there is more going on with Venus and Mercury though. Mercury is in an exact 30° angle to Pluto in early Capricorn and Venus in an exact 30° angle to Jupiter in Capricorn. The Semi-sextile (30°) is an angle that talks about potential. Both these cycles, just have started and the “potential” is there – ready to be worked on… So, in this meaning, Mercury gets the potential to transform its intellectual thinking and communication, while Venus can grow and open her heart and the values accordingly – both out of maybe “out dated” structured beliefs/systems to new, unknown ways…. This aspect is not “clear” so to speak, as a potential is just that – what we do with it, another question 😉

Asteroid Juno, who speaks about relationships and especially those like between a Teacher and a Student, that can “turn” around and the Student becomes the Teacher. She talks about one to one relationships in any environment and the “interchange” between two Individuals. She also talks about what we seek in the relationship with another but also tells us, that it needs the Love to Self first, or the respect etc. depending what you seek for. Mutual respect and support are needed to allow Two to grow and change according their individual paths.

She’s placed in Scorpio at 26°28’58” and therefore in square to Venus, Neptune and our New Moon and thus also to Earth in Leo. But in a Trine to Eris in late Pisces. (She’s also moving closer to Earth roughly half distance of Jupiter)

This means, that even though our relationships might be challenged in some ways – and especially the one with self – but not in a disruptive way, more in way of that action is asked in order to move forward. She conjoins the stars Yed Prior and Posterior of Ophiuchus (his hand), over the the head of the scorpion. Yed are also called the “hand of death”, meaning that something old must die in order to something new to grow or to generally “evolve”. When talking about the relationship with Self, we clearly see, that it’s time to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve. Such does have of course a direct impact on our value system and heart (Venus), our expression (Sun) our emotions (Moon) and our spirituality (Neptune) – and of course the other way round 😉

Eris, who often can show up a bit “disruptive” in Trine to Juno provides harmonic energies.

Ixion – a “plutino” and mythologically grandfather to many of the Centaurs and one that shows us, how we use or misuse our life-force. He reminds us of the “Karma” that misuse of such powers loads upon us. – not surprisingly he’s “out of bounds” – meaning in “rebellion”, not easy to calm….. and he presents us this theme through the “higher” view and learning of the Archer – Sagittarius….

Interesting to note here is, that Pluto himself, geocentrically changed to Capricorn but heliocentric he’s still in late Sagittarius – his energies truly “cuspal” – still between the ideals and existing structures, back and forth – at least I feel this 😉

Varuna, a minor planet not long “re-discovered” as the mythological “all knowing creator god”, too is a little rebellious at this time – he stands for equality in all life, ethical behavior according universal/natural law – he wants to show the “flow of life” and as he’s in Cancer, he tries to show us this through our own “sacred” safe space within…..

New Ceres – Chiron cycle 14th of March 2021 – Heliocentric was on 18 Feb. 2021

They “meet” in Pisces at 12°39’21” conjoining stars Algenib of Pegasus – the Two Bodies join under Pegasus and over the “sea monster” Cetus.

Ceres as the “nurturing” Mother and Chiron the “wounded Healer” – We all have some kind of “wounds” as trauma, illness or other feelings of not “well” and they are a sign of deeper wounding – the healing is to deal with the underlaying issue that causes us suffering. We can either nurture our wounds or nurture our healing – entirely up to us.

Their cycle placement provides us with a great tool. We can gain clarity of what is “us” and what is the “conformity of society” (others) – we could also use another term and say, we gain clarity of our own consciousness, needs and wants and where we have been scarifying those to societal or group standards. We have the possibility to integrate instead of thinking we’re trapped in one way or another – the more we’re clear about ourselves, the clearer an opportunity is seen or presented.

We often tend to find excuses for our own behavior, even when we know it’s not good for us – we can “transcend” this and with honesty to self, figuring out what the underlaying “fear” is as our fears show us our themes…. Such a process can be freeing but isn’t easy at times and requires us to be especially “nice” to ourselves – to support and nourish ourselves during this process as good as we can.

New Vesta – Orcus cycle 14th of March 2021 – Heliocentric was on 25 Feb. 2021

They meet in Leo at 16°42’32” conjoining stars are Zosma and Chertan of Leo under the head of Ursa Major and above Sextans. It’s a short 3,6 years cycle but as Orcus moves “slow”, also the next cycle will be in Leo.

Orcus is a minor planet of the “plutonian family”. His theme is the evolutionary “soul” path and oath – to honor the natural life and its laws. Asteroid Vesta speaks about our inner “fire”, the knowledge or knowing and to act in commitment and devotion to it.

The above themes are experienced through the lenses of responsibility of the own actions taken by our own will – especially when those were “overpowering” others. This area of the zodiac also provides a lot of creativity and direction but we need to know first, where we stand – so kind of an “inventory”-times. Who and what are we, what do we know and to whom we stand in oath to – to oneself most importantly… Remember the Universal laws – cause and effect can also be called karma…

New Venus – Neptune Orcus cycle 14th of March 2021

The heart and values meet with the transcendence in late Aquarius – it’s the area “under” the circlet and even though there is no “exact” star conjunction, this area provides similar energy as explained above about the New Moon and Venus. Important to understand is the constellation Phoenix in the South of the ecliptic in this later part of Aquarius is working together with the northern constellation of Pegasus. To connect our physicality with the higher realms to “rise from the ashes” – a metamorphoses of awareness and consciousness…. Neptune is coming home!!

Sun – Earth axis changes to Pisces – Virgo 15th of March 2021

The cuspal area between Leo and Virgo talks about “behind the scene” scenarios. The main focus are political and religious themes but also in other matters this can play out and can cause a lot of “polarity” and conflict. The same time there is the search for truth and wisdom that comes onto stage…

The cuspal area between Aquarius and Pisces talk about the shift from more mental and socially active Aquarius into the more spiritualized realms of Pisces or one could say a shift to “quiet the mind” in order to hear the whispers of wisdom within us. In this area we’re “under” the circlet (head of the fish), Pegasus, and over Sculptor and Eridanus.

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