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New Moon 13th of March - a chain is only as strong as it's weakest part...

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Aquarius (the late part, under the “fish-head”) – therefore we on Earth in late Leo. Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus within just 3 degrees in late sid. Aquarius, There is a lot going on astronomically/astrologically:

- a day later Neptune and Venus conjoin (new cycle)

- a few hours before that Ceres - Chiron forming their new geocentric cycle and

- right after Vesta and Orcus start their new cycle

- another day later the Sun enters Pisces and gets to her vernal point in early Pisces on the 20th of March for the spring Equinox.

Details about all of this further down….

Opposing News and information have been very visible and in the open for more than a year now – we All want to know, what really is – we want to find clarity in order to enable us to find solutions towards life (whatever that means to each of us individually). This powerplay of the polarities has been disturbing and confusing, separating relationships and families but on the other hand it also holds possibility, chance, opportunity…. We do see the need for the world, we do see what is going wrong (environment, illness, separation, hunger, despair) but we also ask ourselves, where am I in this whole play… we’re in relationship with ourselves and with others – much may change as the polarities/extremes play also into our relationships. Can we stay strong in our own truth but same time value other people truth – as Adults we’re only responsible for ourselves and our actions and when every adult takes the same own responsibility, everything changes. In this time now, our “soul paths/oaths” are in focus – for each of us – so therefore we have to be concerned most about ourselves and not what others decide for themselves – each and everyone of us got an own path and freedom – free will Universe 😉

A chain is only as strong as its weakest part: an old saying that is really important, especially in these times now – if we replace the word “chain” by “collective/humanity as a whole”, then it becomes a very new perspective….. Again Uranus is a main Player - standing over the head of the constellation Cetus, which represents the “entrapment” by the conformity of the collective consciousness – we can’t change the collective itself, but we can liberate ourselves as part of the collective and add to the liberation of humanity…… In this past year, we have been pushed and supported by the Universe to liberate ourselves, to understand that we’re not a victim but holding great potential within us, that wants to be used, that wants to be integrated in order for us to become a whole, strong part of the human collective.

Our psyche is a very, very strong tool – it’s part of our inner technology. Right now, this technology can provide us with the commitment and devotion to our “souls” (heart/inner essence) to liberate our mind in order to gain clarity for the future path, for innovations and solutions to be found. Active, leading, self-confident and contributing – a whole part of the All – each of us an Individual part of Humanity – worth, authentic, important!!!!!

The themes of liberation, change, transformation – rise of awareness and consciousness – a new life…..