Preparation - Full Moon September 2021

Updated: Oct 24

Full Moon 21st of September 6:54 am - Universal Time on 20th at 23:54pm

The full Moon marks the “culmination”/ most visible point of the lunar theme….

We’re in the theme of living the authentic self, with respect to self which results in a sharing and flow that is accordingly…

Therefore, again our relationship with self and the outside world is most important – because it’s a “reflection” of self, it brings information on what is needed to “work” on, to be aware of and needing to find creative solutions.

Of course, the heart-mind coherence etc. another huge theme – to really work with the self, to master the unconscious emotions taking over at times = awareness and mindfulness….

Here the link to the New Moon post:

Of course, all of this we can do at any time but now is a time when and where such work on self is very much supported by the energies/the Universe and Earth herself…

No, nobody is “doomed” – we’re just living our own choices, with all their consequences, in a time and place that has never been here before in this way….

Full Moon:

Moon and Earth at 2°55’53” sidereal Pisces and the Sun same degree sid. Virgo conjoining the star Zavijava of Virgo.

This is “preparing”/transition axis/placement under the Circlet (fish head) – just before the South and North Galactic Poles but also the Equinox axis, which we will be at for the September Equinox less than 48 hours after this full Moon… so it’s kind of a “preparation energy” here…

The cuspal area of Aquarius/Pisces (the fish-head) is a “shifting” or “bridging” area between the full “flow” we see/experience in the late part of the constellation Aquarius and the “origin”, the fundamental forces from where everything emerges, which includes the “past”… It’s “digesting”, cleaning, clearing and “adjusting” on a more fundamental, “spiritual”, emotional, level…. More about Pisces:

The opposite side Leo-Virgo, talks about “back stage” – we may “judge”/discern what and how we have “performed” and what we see from others. What is “behind” it, how “pure”/true is it – does it match our fundaments or did we get “blinded” by the deceptions of the ego.. We can become a little “perfectionistic” or too much into the detail, so it’s important not to lose sight of the “bigger” task at hand… Also here – it’s “bridging”/preparing energy….

Like for example “helping” – it’s a great intention for an action or project but which way are we doing it, what purpose is underlaying it… is it to help to bring others to their own power, so they can help themselves or is it in the way that creates “dependency”…. are we helping those who ask for it or are we pushing it onto others...

Now we can turn this around to ourselves – are our thoughts empowering ourselves or are they creating a kind of dependency/victim to something or someone…. if we feel dependent, we will probably treat others in the same kind of way – when we feel free, courageous and able we will treat others in the same way too, we “shine” that out, we act and react accordingly ….

This full Moon is kind of the “preparation” for the Equinox, which offers similar energies but with the “Galactic/Universal” attribute added…. The intention and purpose of the whole Earth shift, is evolution which includes the Human species - “ascension”/illumination to “universal, soul consciousness” to become “whole” in this sense with all its resulting flow – always including the knowledge and wisdom of the “universal laws”…. Same time is this full Moon the culmination of the new Moon theme as a little “part”/cycle on the way of understanding the new Earth cycle….

This “wholeness” and “equality” of course means that we understand, love, value and respect ourselves!!!!!

Much Love to you All,


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