Sherlock Holmes and the New Moon September 2021

Updated: Oct 24

New Moon 7th of September 2021 at 7:51 am Thailand - 0:51 am Universal Time

This new Moon happens with the Moon and the Sun at 19°20’11” sidereal Leo at the hind leg/hip of the Lion with Orcus at 17°28’ in the south of the ecliptic…. Earth at same degree as Moon/Sun in Aquarius with Nessus at 18° and Pallas and Neptune nearby…. Juno is forming a nice T-Square to this axis at 16°10’ Scorpio in the geocentric chart, whereas in the heliocentric chart she’s already in Sagittarius( in approaching conjunction with Venus and Ixion (exact with Ixion on the 10th).

Here the link to the post about this lunar-month new cycles:

(Juno – Ixion / Juno – Pholus / Pallas – Neptune)

Furthermore we’ll have on 15th of September 2021 the new Mercury – Venus conjunction = “heart- mind coherence” at 19°5’32” Sagittarius an “alchemical” area, which does combine forces to create something else but with focus and application…

Not to forget, on 23rd of September we’ll have the Equinox – very important – very transformational…. For both Hemisphere – it’s the time when Earth and the Sun stand “reverse” to where they stood in March…

You can see – for sure no boring month to go through 😉

What we have on “focus”:

Beside the Earth – Sun axis of course the cycles we’re “re-birthing” but also Uranus and Venus, Vesta and Saturn….

The Earth – Sun axis, is kind of “reconfirming” their own “planetary” theme within the sign/ constellation placements… “shining out the own true Self” to add to the abundance and flow of manifested life on/in Earth…

We have the joy one feels when living and acting (shining) from the true self, the physical action feels “light”/easy to do because it’s for the very own purpose, giving a feeling of fulfillment when seeing it “growing” (whatever we do) - an inner light that shines out…. Same time there’s also the feeling of near completion and ending, ”nearly-done” kind of energy – anticipation and expectations…. Also the knowing about the “greater task / purpose” individually and generally on all “levels”….

Orcus (Keeper of oath, life path) with the Sun and Nessus (abuse and perception) with Earth, we gain a let’s say “deeper or higher” energy added to this New Moon theme.

Venus joins Juno and Ixion during this new Moon, giving another emphasis to this cycle – the heart, the beauty and therefore values combined with Juno’s relationship theme and Ixion the “lust for life” as creative force… – think about your real and true values, that which you would give freely to others, are you giving it to yourself?...

Saturn is talking about how we “structure/organize” ourselves within… not only physical!!

Many of us have been told, that we have to think about others first, which is of course really a honorable thing to do and an understandable reaction, when we think back to all the wars for so long time and I think, it did serve us well but now it’s the time to put all information – past and present – into “order” for “balance” and flow…