Reality of Illusion – Illusion of Reality

Yesterday I wrote about the Polarities and that they’re mere the same essence but expressed in opposite forms. We judge these expressions by our perception and feeling it creates therefore we “focus” and this creates our own reality – thus this “reality” isn’t the same for everyone. We can see on the global stage, that there is a “division” of perception taking its place. Some belief/perceive the happenings as manipulation of the Elite, others that it’s all true and we have to be afraid and need protection. Both “sides’ are correct in their own way as it’s what is created within their belief system and perception. There is no “absolute” in this…. Only the ages-old “war” between polarities.

War brings chaos.

The task therefore now is to bring order to the chaos. Each and everyone of us does add to it. There is no need to argue about which perception is “right or wrong” – we can of course discuss and explain our view to others in acceptance and respect to the other person’s view. We call that “agree to disagree” …

Let me get this whole concept a step further:

When perception, belief and focus create “reality” and that works individually, then no reality is absolute and therefore could be called an illusion. When many people “agree” to a belief; perceive accordingly and therefore focus, a “societal reality” is born. Therefore, we can create whatever “reality” we wish for on this stage called earth 😊 Yes – I call it a stage – as it seems to me like this. We’re all actors in a huge movie without knowing the script – so a bit like “free jazz”, which I perceive as Musicians play their instruments each by their own feel, creating a “whole” …

So, lets play!!!!!!! 😊 😉 😉

Painting: by Rob Gonsalves titled "Chess Master"

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