Spring Equinox – 4°42’13” Pisces

I’m typing this during the New Moon time and by the time we reach the equinox, the energies will have been shifted, for Sun, Earth and Moon. Expression, Foundation and Needs (emotional, inner)… we always take with us, what we “gained” (experience, learning, insights etc.), we always build up but we discern, what we “attach”/focus on and what we want to “discard” (not forgetting, also sometimes it may happen 😉).

With the monthly new Moon we did that “clearing” and the equinox will bring the “life force” for creating the new with a “galactic connection” special to our “times”. I like to explain a bit, what I mean with the galactic connection here and it might get a little “technical” or “astronomical” at first…..

The spring Equinox marks the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Since roughly the year 2000 this axis lays parallel to the galactic plane (pole – south in Pisces and north in Virgo). The shift of the Vernal Point (spring Equinox) moves slow at an average of 1 degree in 72 years – 2160 years in one sign, which is then called “Age” and as it moves clockwise it enters a sign at 29° and leaves the old sign at 0 degrees, which is why in Astrology the 0-point of any sign is considered important, or “special”.

As you All know, from my work, the constellations and the signs are not always exactly 30° nor “aligning”, therefore an “Age-shift” is always a bit of a “sensitive” theme within Astrology. If we work with constellations and count the circlet (fish-head) to Pisces instead of to Aquarius it would take even longer until we would enter the Age of Aquarius but cuspal areas always have a “bridging” energy, two different energies merge. – I find it much more fascinating, that Earth primordial Cross is aligned with the Galactic Cross. As there is the Galactic Pole Axis, as mentioned above, aligned with our Equinox Axis but same time is the Galactic Equatorial Axis aligned with our Solstice axis – so the Two crosses “overlap”. You can read more about this on my website: https://www.faempowerment.com/axisandcycles you’ll find astronomical information and further down on this page also some Astrological interpretations/correlations….

Picture: Sculptor galaxy by Angus Lau

On 20th of March, we’ll celebrate the Spring Equinox with the Sun at 4°42’13” Pisces and Earth therefore at the same degrees in Virgo (the Autumn Equinox place) – in September, it will be the other way around…. We could also say, that the Sun will align with the South Galactic Pole and Earth with the North Galactic Pole. The South Galactic Pole lays “in” a southern constellation called Sculptor – the North Galactic Pole “in” the constellation Coma Berenices (Berenice’s hair) north of the Virgin’s head.

The Sun stands just under the neck of the “circlet” over the last stars of Cetus (head in Aries). Venus’ approaching solar conjunction and early in the day the Moon conjoined Mars in Taurus and the Moon’s nodal axis still in Taurus-Scorpio but interestingly during the Equinox in “opposite direction” than the usual clockwise move, just as the axis would like to follow the Moon itself as he just has passed over it.

These alignments bring emphasize to our galactic connection, to our purpose and our foundations – the soul path and the Universal laws. The Equinoxes mark a time of energetic shift – in the northern hemisphere we’re going to the outgoing “life force” providing time of the year. This energy is just that – like a tool – and can be used in any way. Ixion stands in Sagittarius and let us see, how the overpowering of others can look like, he reveals truth here – so, be aware of the “revelations” you may have, see or hear also about the own self.

Earth provides us with the ground, the stability for the process, the “awakening” of purpose and the galactic connections we have and the knowing of that there’s more than we may think – the openness to explore in the security and grounding we have by understanding the “birthing process” of anything (manifesting too). Most of all though it’s a time and alignment that can bring our consciousness to develop through the clarity and transcendence of these early degrees of Pisces under the square of Pegasus. “Higher realms and consciousness” /vibrations may be easier to reach and to be grounded into “earthly life”. We always have the choice – the sea monster Cetus is still there and the Sun will travel above it for the next several weeks – so we’ll have to deal with the “shoulds” of collective conformity. When we anchor the galactic insights into our own foundations, the conformity can’t “trap” us into the escapisms offered…. Again, discernment is asked by Earth too, as she stands above the constellation Crater (the Cup) – we need to discern which guidance we follow and what we truly want to be and manifest in our lives – we can make sure by checking into the direct guidance of our hearts (Venus) – the new Ceres-Chiron cycle is talking about that too, about how we “nurture” ourselves, our consciousness and our souls in the meaning of “healing” (the Self).

There is also the energy of feeling and understanding about the own direction and purpose. The lunar nodes direct may just indicate that – a more “direct approach” to the own purpose or fulfillment of that…. Remember, the Leo-Aquarius axis is still “activated” too as well as the lunar node axis Taurus-Scorpio - truth to and about the deep self, values, confidence and passion is needed to serve others (the All/collective/group).

It’s a time of immense opportunity and possibility but that includes sometimes the insecurities and worries about the future. We have always tools to overcome such worries and welcome “change” for something new – just tap into your heart, your passion and the courage and confidence will follow suit…. Remember, if you don’t try, you won’t do 😉 therefore by trying, only gain can happen…..

In this perspective also important to note, Varuna (the “all knowing creator god” of India) stands in Cancer but with Perihelion at 4°43’ Pisces and Aphelion same degrees in Virgo – a direct link to the galactic and equinox axis. As he stands in a near Trine (123°) there is supportive energy-exchange, in the form of the natural flow of life and its laws or better said our awareness of it. We’ll perceive this through the lenses of Cancer, meaning – within ourselves, our inner womb or sacred space… Cancer is a “water sign” as well as Pisces and the 3rd is Scorpio (lunar Southnode) – all three connected by water of which the galactic “ambivalent” would be the Aether. Water is everywhere and connects everything even it’s sometimes in a form we can’t really perceive as such and there lays the power – formless which includes possibility to be shaped into form….. Just like a cell in our body contains a lot of water but finds its purpose (if it shall become skin, blood or an ear…) 😉

Opposite of Cancer there is Capricorn – another axis – Jupiter and Saturn both still travelling through this sign of structures or let’s say manifestations as well as Chariklo and newly Pluto. Jupiter wants us to expand our structures so we can fit our expanded consciousness into it and Saturn wants us to take responsibility for that what we create and same time he shows us how “limiting” our own inner structures are. The Cancer-Capricorn axis is also “representing” the 4th and 10th house axis – the foundation, the private, the “home” and on the other side, that which is seen, prominent, public. By the way – Cancer is “ruled” by the Moon – “needs” or emotional needs.

Mercury is in separating conjunction with Pallas in Aquarius (the geocentric conjunction was roughly 48 hours prior to the equinox). Mind meets mind in the mindful sign of Aquarius – giggles, well, a bit truth is in this joke though – we really have powerful mind power to help us here. Communication, logic thinking meets strategic, solution orientated thinking in earlier Aquarius, an area of the zodiac, that’s talking about inventions, theories in science, researches etc. but also about our own inner bio-technology and how we develop that to become an integer, authentic part of Humanity.

With much Love,


Chiang Mai and Thailand in general

Now including the house system, for Thailand this plays out on the following “life stages”:

Summarized – Details further down:

This Equinox and therefore the energy for the coming year (for the short time around it very obvious, for the time until the next spring equinox it’s the “underlaying” theme to work on) speaks about our “Birth Cross”, our most foundational structure with direct connection to the Galactic evolutionary cycle. Our foundation, most inner life and true expression of our Being is in transformation and change, especially within relationships and generally in the public.

The galactic connection are the natural, Universal laws. The Universal laws, as seen in nature do not care about society, men made laws or anything alike but nature is affected by it though as we tend to overrule nature by our trial to somehow regain balance.

We feel the need to be seen as we are and not how others would like us to be. We want to be recognized and valued in general and most importantly in personal relationships. We want to bring our own true self into the public, to be seen and express that within our relationships (of all kind) and to get that mirrored back. We feel to want to align the inner and the outer – to live the full Self and therefore as a “whole part of the All”.

Sometimes we see or perceive ourselves as a “victim”, as being played in the bigger power plays of global happenings or simply in our relationships or both. We may feel the need for profound change but may same time feel misunderstood in our relationships. Yes, changes of self may result in changes within relationships – it may pull together or push apart, not in a destructive way but just as a result of the natural flow, without any judgement, blame or guilt….

Mars (will power, physical energy and force) working in Taurus in this 10th house of being seen, bringing the needs and path into the outer world, into awareness and actual manifestation. We have here the theme of values and possessions as well – this is not only meant in a material, physical way but also in a more energetic, psychological way.

As example, if you value “peace”, you may also become more “peaceful” in your expression (not to be mistaken as “weak”!!) and are being seen and acknowledged for that in the public as well as reflected back to you by your relationships.

Self-expression through clear heartfelt passion, commitment and devotion, in self-confidence, authenticity and truth. We need to see clear about the free will Universe and what that means – that we All have the same right for such self-expression and that therefore respect and acceptance should play a major role. Judgement and blame don’t help in any process, neither does guilt, greed or jealousy – as all these come from a state of lack and “victim consciousness”.

We need to understand, that what we reflect out is what we get mirrored back and it’s what we will be known about. Therefore. it’s important to actually vibrate out authentically who we are and want to be. If we try to live someone else’s truth, things can really become imbalanced and health and wellbeing “out of flow”/harmony. How we think and belief about ourselves are the “limits” we put onto ourselves and everything evolves within these structural boundaries.

Transformation requires change and change requires acknowledgment of the present. When we want to change something in life, as for example this physical and mental health theme, we need to know where we stand first. Do we need to change “intake” as of diet or the “food for thought”, do we need more physical exercise or maybe more “me-time”/space and relaxation or maybe more connection to self in form of spiritual practices… whatever it is, we need to know where we are at and then have ideas or getting information about what possibilities there are and then putting them into action. Important here is, to know self and therefore the “dose” of whatever we can apply into our daily or weekly routine. We may start slow at first but then later “increase” – usually to go from 0 to 100 is pretty difficult and often doesn’t last. Just listen to your inner “cell phone” and all will go just fine, according your own needs….

Sun, Venus in Pisces and Mercury, Neptune, Pallas and Nessus in Aquarius all in the 7th house of one-to-one relationships, meaning the house marked by the Descendant (Aquarius). It’s the “mirror” we experience in any kind of personal relationship, which includes co-workers, business partners, friends, family and so on. It also talks about the self-reflection.

On the other polarity – the 1st house marked by the Ascendant we find Vesta and Orcus in Leo. The Two still in retrograde (more internal) and so they will conjunct again after going direct. The 1st house talks about the Personality, the Identity that we form through the perception and mirroring of the “outer world”.

Moon, Mars and the lunar Northnode in Taurus in the 10th house, marked by the MC (Midheaven/ Zenith) is talking about the other “primordial axis” in any chart. The 10th house talks about what is public, seen also about work - generally how we act in public and therefore what others know or see about us. This talks about how we “fit into” that “outer life”, how we structure it or relate to it.

On the other polarity – the 4th house (Scorpio) marked by the IC we find the lunar Southnode and the Asteroid Juno. The 4th house talks about our private and inner life, our home and where we feel safe – our foundations and roots. Experienced through transformational, deep and “unknown” parts within self.

Taurus is Venus and 2nd house energy, Scorpio is Pluto and 8th house energy. This axis is represented by Chiron, Ceres and Eris in this 8th house all Three in Pisces though. “Transcending”, bringing the themes of self-healing, nourishment and inner truth into consciousness in order to open the possibility of change and transformation – to “re birth” self….

Varuna in Cancer in the 12th house – the Piscean-house, talks about the transcendence and spirituality. The mental health we need to maintain in order to consciously create our life.

On the other polarity – the 6th house (Capricorn), ruled by Virgo, we find Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo. The 6th house talks about physical health, wellness, daily routines and organization of this.

Uranus in Aries in the 9th house – the 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius and therefore Jupiter – it’s the house of “expansion of the horizon” – this plays out as foreign countries and cultures, higher education and studies, truth and generally “broader view point/perspective”.

The other polarity – 3rd house – is ruled by Gemini and therefore Mercury. No Body in this house for this equinox chart (coming year), so no emphasis on the themes of more commerce, business related or “integration” of the 9th house energy into daily life – seems it’s a “natural process” here.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th house – this house is ruled by Leo and therefore the Sun. It’s the house of full expression – Self expression to be exact – the “ultimate answer to life itself”….

The other polarity – the 11th house – is ruled by Aquarius and therefore Uranus. The 11th house is about the groups, friends and society. No Body in the 11th house means no special emphasis on it – again, a natural process according the Universal law of Polarity.

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