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Choose yourself - New Moon December 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

New Moon 4th of December 2021 at 14.43 (Thailand) and 07.43am Univ. time

Sun and Moon at 17°3’55” sidereal Scorpio and Earth at the same degree sid. Taurus.

The stars Antares of Scorpio and Aldebaran of Taurus are involved here… meaning the heart of Scorpio and the eye of the bull…. Vesta and Mercury are in both charts nearby (not the same degrees though!!)

Antares and Aldebaran represent both very intense energies – on one side the heartfelt desires, inspiration and “neurological flow” (like the little brain in the heart) that can go in either direction depending of what we focus on and “allow” to be within and around us…. We do have the focus though and that means also the strength to decide on what we want to focus on and what to kind of “cut out” of focus and life…

Scorpio is a water sign and Taurus an earth sign – so the heart that pumps the blood through our veins carrying all the nourishment and/or the poison that we allow to enter/stay there…. The earth, the manifestations of beauty that feeds our sensuality does offer so many choices – what do we choose!!???..... it’s not only the blood but also the stream of energy/emotions we pump through our being….

Talking about water signs - we know from the experiments done by Dr. Masaru Emoto that simply neglecting something can bring that to become foul, rotting and poisoning…. if we neglect our potentials, wishes, dreams, ideals, loves etc. but focus on the “bad”, worries, the past or what we don’t want , we may poison ourselves - if we do it the other way round, the same happens… Sounds pretty “trapping” right – but there’s a possibility – it’s to acknowledge both to be there, the past with all it’s good and all it’s bad and hurts and if there’s something further to be acknowledged within a theme, we can do that but with a focus onto “solving”/ ending in the sense of awareness of its existence and “wholeness” and to put it into the place where it belongs – the library….

Life is here to make experiences and in a dualistic world that means there are some perceived as nice and some as the opposite… both hold truth and if we’re not able to see the truth in either of those, we haven’t gotten its essence/whole – it’s a principle we’re also taught by the Universal law of polarity….

Yes, I have talked a lot about the theme of “shadow work”/finalizing and so on as it’s an ongoing process, we go through “stages” here and we have “cleared” so much by now that we start to think differently and that brings us to a completely new way of living… We may decide things from a new “view point”/knowing/wisdom and may even start to activate parts of our bio-technology in a way we didn’t before and that might surprise us… know though, every part we activate, we need to “use” as well – even if it’s just by simply acknowledging or recognizing it at first, because this “seed” will grow and we need to honor and respect that….

In a month time Earth will be at her perihelion (closest to the Sun) her point of most influence and just a couple of weeks before the solstice at the celestial north pole, meaning the “most obvious” and public…

Maybe you remember that I was talking about “self-fulfilling Grand Trines” a half year ago… it was about the harmony we feel with the decision(s) we make and we’re on the way to see it/the theme in full light – so we’re still in creating that now for the last Moon cycle before that Perihelion on 4th of January 2022 (next new Moon on the 3rd of January)…. After the Perihelion we will go towards eventual changes/adjustments, “harvest”/ realization/ revelation, letting go/ surrender and seeding before we reach Solstice and Aphelion (home, intention) on 21st of June to early July….

Around the September Equinox I was talking about “preparation” a lot – and that becomes very important now as that part is coming to an end….

The equinoxes and solstices are about the precession cycle of 25’960 years but the aphelion- perihelion axis is part of another cycle which is ca. 100’000 and 400’000 years long… you can read more about that here:

Please understand as we sit on Earth and look up, we define everything from here, we see the Sun moving and so we use the Sun as “focal point” but forget that Earth actually is situated “opposite”, which we can see clearly in the heliocentric charts…

This path of Earth for the next month I discussed in a video:

We’re at a decision point – what we take with us on all levels and what we “leave behind” – a building of foundations from where we build our future….

The Sun right opposite talks about similar themes, gives emphasis on the self-mastery, the importance and understanding of the power we hold within – it’s a time when we can “sacrifice” that which isn’t us and with that help to build that foundation/ blueprint….

So, this constant axis of Earth and Sun is always “working” together, complimenting each other for the tasks at hand…. A collaboration and exchange – always – this will become most “obvious” and felt with the Solstice, when we “stand” on the galactic equator….

The help we have with this all: A mystic rectangle/envelope aspect configuration is telling us to be “holistic” in our approaches, to include all “aspects of our lives” on all levels…. A Kite/pyramid aspect configuration with which on top we see our very own life-path/purpose clearly and in harmony but we need to include healthy, stable foundations, which needs to include the liberation of our bio-technology, our relationship(s) (also within self) and it’s flow in which way that might have been (remember, what I was talking further up)….

Mars in opposition with Uranus and in between the feet of the Virgin and the scales/claws of the Scorpio is a “strange” place, that “neverland”… it’s though also in the southern sky, where Hydra’s tail lies and Hydra is winding all the way from there to unfold in middle of Cancer – it’s a more “subconscious” energy here… so we may act from the “gut feeling” …

With everything I’ve said before it may also indicate that we have to do “unpleasant” acts of showing the mirror to others – we do not need to keep people, jobs or whatever else in our lives that is “poisoning” to us, we can let go – many of us may have the tendency to want to help, to be kind and that’s wonderful but if that means in turn to be neglecting and overpowering the very own self, it’s not a “good” act…. I’m especially talking about re-occurring situations….

Planetary Cycles involved:

Here the link to the post about those just started or going to start….

Like the Hygiea – Makemake cycle on 5th of December and Venus – Sedna on the 9th….

Heliocentric Venus – Ceres conjunction on 15th December 2021 in sid. Taurus

(note: just a few degrees “before” the New Moon in Taurus)

At 13°43’49” in square to Jupiter in sid. Aquarius and in trine to Hygiea and Makemake in sid. Virgo.

Not only do we need to nourish and care for our heart/values but also the other way round – our heart does have wisdom and insights to share, so we know what we truly need and want on all levels… We need to respect and “value” this “collaboration”!!!!

Here we have themes of “cord cutting”, emotional storms but also of leadership, honor, values and achievements. The challenge here is, to stay “calm” within the storm, not to lose the vision of what we want to achieve… Grief, sadness and anger will “dilute” the vision…. Aldebaran is there too – he stands for the trust and action towards the own goals but also about the double edged sword – judgment, duality….

We need to nourish and care for our goals, values and greater “purpose” in the sense of “pushing or growing that which we want” and deal/cut our attachments to that which is seemingly “bad” or disturbing to that and with this, we also harmonize our goals with the balance of our resources.. Our hearts contain a little brain (physically proven) and with that “knowledge”/wisdom – our hearts and Venus contain similar energy – we need to nourish that and we get nourished accordingly….

So you see, a lot of confirmation of this theme 😉 We shall simple “choose ourselves”…

Much Love to you All,


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