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New beginnings: February 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

an hourglass with yellow sand

As you All may know by now, cycles are important but they’re not “closed systems” but spiraling – one answering another in sometimes long patterns to one day finish a “series” to start a complete new one and so one can not really take out one cycle alone as all is so entangled….

Fascinating – so, there are so many themes at work simultaneously that it’s hard for me to keep track and to “explain” what I see, lol… so – that Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto (with Chariklo, Ceres and Pallas involved) dance of 2019 and 2020 was starting many “cycle systems” but same time also important “parts of cycles” of bigger (longer) themes… we also now in both heliocentric and geocentric view entered the last square between Saturn and Uranus but also are still in that last square energy between Pluto and Eris… furthermore Jupiter and Saturn are in several “endings” plus new beginnings these coming months and years…

Jupiter and Saturn represent societal structures in all questions and because of where they met in 2021 and also where they met with Pluto is very significant as I think they did start new “cycles within cycles”…. The involvement of Asteroids and Centaurs indicate “undertones” but also the connection to inner and outer planets and their themes…

February will feature quite a lot as the Jupiter – Nessus conjunction on 26th of February heliocentric and 2nd of March geocentric… Jupiter is about expansion, the bigger picture, different or expanded “view points”, higher learning, integration of various cultures and so on and Nessus is about abuse, self-abuse, neglection and if not directly so at least about our reaction to such themes, no, there’s of course also a “nice” aspect to Nessus – see, sometimes we also neglect ourselves, talents, gifts and so on and when realizing this, we can go on to development... All Centaurs do have this theme of high polarities – the battle within between the mere instinctual or maybe even “animalistic” parts of self and the “higher” more controlled mind/self…

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The conjunction will take place at almost 19° Aquarius in both charts, which means the Aquarian Urn but also just over Ankaa of the Phoenix and Achernar of Eridanus – we find here “finalizing” energies but also kind of “foresight” in the sense of that we can see a “logic” strain but we also have the knowing of greater purpose at work on all levels of being (also on the “soul level”) – so there’s flow but same time also a lot of deep themes here as Eridanus (river of life) is ending and mixes itself into the ocean, so kind of like from a “smaller cycle into a bigger” or of course an “ending with beginning”…

Also on the 26th of February the heliocentric conjunction between Vesta – Pholus and Quaoar will take place (geocentric on 23rd) at 10° sid. Sagittarius (Bow and hand of the Archer)…. Significant? Yes – see, Jupiter’s Southnode is at around 15° Sag and the Southnode of Vesta herself at 19° Sagittarius… beside that, Pholus and Quaoar are in a 45 years lasting conjunction (sometimes a bit closer and sometimes a little further but will never meet exactly in longitude but instead in declination and again in latitude both in November 2026).

Vesta is about our inner fire, devotion, passion and Pholus is another Centaur, a wise teacher and guardian but can also bring pretty deep and “life altering” themes as he’s also a helper of Pluto and Neptune but he’s also offering special gift in the “vision section” (can also mean the physical eyes)… Quaoar is a dwarf planet discovered not so long ago and seems to talk about harmony and the “sacredness of life” and of course also the Universal laws – he’s also of Pluto’s realm….

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