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Bridging - New Moon 6th of October 2021

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In the darkest night there's light and the light might be dim but it shines from the depths of Self and when followed and trusted becomes brighter and brighter....

New Moon 6th of October 2021 at 18:05pm – Universal Time 11:05am

Earth – Sun at 18°6’53” sidereal Pisces – Virgo…. Earth just passed Chiron at 15° sid. Pisces

Earth/Moon (heliocentric) conjoins the star Linteum of Pisces and Sun/Moon (geocentric) conjoin Auva and Porima of Virgo where also Mars stands in both charts at 18°40’35” (geo) / 19°1’44” (helio), so adding a lot of physical energy as well as “willpower” to Sun/(Moon)...

The lunar nodes (geocentric) at 7°26’5” south Scorpio (star Dschubba) and north Taurus.

As many of us know, we globally go through “a dark night of the soul” – the open Pandora’s Chest – collective past traumas (from many millennia – ancestral energy inherited through our bloodlines and/or reincarnations) needs to be cleared/healed – so we need to let emotions to come up (whatever that might be individually), face it but then also letting go of it otherwise we create a “bond” again and so we’re still in “loop”/repetition….

Same time we’re in a bridging time – we have done some works already on some themes and may still be working on something else – so there is some new, there is some “old”… that which is cleared and then started anew is same time a bridge for others and one for oneself, as we gain “stability” from what we have achieved on a personal level and it encourages us to go deeper… some people may be “ahead” of the collective and have already done a lot of their personal work and therefore more in the “new”/creative than others and so there need to be “controlled” bridges – controlled in the sense of what is “vibrationally” let in or not, so it’s about discernment and boundaries especially as we need to “ground”/anchor the new “us” into our foundations….

It’s important to stay in the trust and knowing!! Same time we need to stay “flexible”, able to adjust and go with change/flow (the own one!!), to stay open for possibilities and opportunities… We need to focus and act from this “higher mind” of knowing, soul and spiritual awareness and with the understanding of the basics of the Universal laws (which are by now all proven by quantum physics)…

As the heliocentric Pallas – Neptune conjunction was just a few hours prior and the Juno – Pholus conjunction just the day before, both are still very active and giving more “new”/fresh energy to this lunar cycle….

These two cycles talk about “creative solutions” in order to bring clarity, collaboration on all levels within self and others.. – to include the inner communication system and connection to the “All”. There’s the possibility or actually “need” to use the own experiences as tools instead of being trapped into their pain (it’s transforming)… This ability is a great power because we lose the fear and are open for those creative solutions… empowerment instead of “destruction and suffering” and collaboration because we’re a Collective within and of course without ….

In addition we have a nice heliocentric Grand Trine between Pluto 0°39’ sid. Capricorn, Ceres 28°55”