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Proactive into the future history - Full Moon 16th of May 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Full Moon 16th of May 2022 at 11:14am – 04:14 am Universal time

During the full Moon, the Moon is like “conjunct the Earth” and during a new Moon the Moon is like “conjunct the Sun”…. so it’s a “new beginning” either way and same time a point of awareness (opposition)….

As the lunar cycle and the solar cycle aren’t the same as of “our timing”, the correspondence of the New and Full Moons are a bit difficult to determine at times, as I talked about last month… Now we have an interesting situation – the last New Moon on 30th April/ 1st May took place with the Sun/Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries over the head of Cetus, which was also the position of the Earth during the New Moon on 5th of November 2021… so the 2 cycles hang together and also hang together with Uranus and his cycles, as I explained in my last post video included in the Uranus-Nessus post.

Full Moon does mark a time of awareness of the “outside” world and it’s “origins” (as in cause)… The awareness isn’t an end so, it’s only a “decision” point in some ways – we go on and have 2 choices – either we just go on as “usual”, take the “aha moments” and not really act on them and in the end we just “dissolve” the cycle with all its possibility into the next one to start and there again try to resolve the “left overs”…. Or we can take these “aha’s” and try to make something with them – to include them for actions and future decisions, to try to figure out what could be done better, different or should be adjusted, enhanced etc… yet again, this is not always as easy as it sounds and a process that needs an open mind, heart and according action….

Remember, it’s all a process and as such also everything is interconnected, entangled and never separate – in order to make any kind of “analysis” we separate things, take them apart but it should always be understood as in purpose “one” or “whole” that functions in the same way as “time frames” within a human life and with planetary cycles (including Earth’s cycles) they span often a pretty long time, never the less exist and are “rolling”…. Also “bridging” times are therefore a little longer than we usually like to think 😉 …

Beside that, it’s also important to not fall into “linearity” nor thoughts of “doom day” or things alike – yes, sometimes it feels “pressuring” for an Individual because something likes to “break out, break free or unfold, become aware and conscious” for that Individual, that can be at times a little “painful or uncomfortable” but there’s a “reward /growth” to gain…

This full Moon “happens” conjoining the star Zubenelakrab of Libra (Moon and Earth) with the Sun near the star Botein of Aries but over some stars of Taurus… as this happens close to the lunar nodes, we’ll see a total lunar eclipse… which means that the Moon will get the light reflected from or through Earth’s shadow (atmosphere)…. It will not be visible in Thailand…

Such a lunar eclipse is also called a “Blood-Moon”… The color Red is associated with the root-chakra, so our basis so to speak – which is pretty matching when thinking that it’s the Earth “giving light” to the Moon…. So it means we have a double emphasis here onto foundations, basic needs for stability and safety and “groundedness”. Although it’s a reminder of intentions…. If you want to dive deeper in the chakra:

There’s also a T-square: Uranus over the head of Cetus in sid. Aries is opposed by Hygiea and Mercury in sidereal Libra and the T is formed by the Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn conjoining the star Armus.

There are also many Trines, a Grandtrine and Kites (Pyramids) a mystic rectangle, quincunxes (150° the green lines in the chart) and oppositions and a “finger of God” – a bit “chaotic” but yet fascinating and there’s a lot we can achieve, if we’re choosing so on the individual level…. (remember – it’s the many pixels that make the picture and every pixel is part of the whole picture and contains it’s information!! and that's the same with every cell in our body and can be made visible in blood for example)

Earth and Moon stand in Libra, where they emphasize on the “future oriented” path, that we can take either as light as possible or full with old baggage – the northern constellation Serpens with its head in roughly the same longitude as Earth/Moon speaks of the self-mastery required of going “beyond” past patterns of behavior, judgments etc. – in the south we see the Centaur catching Lupus to put it on the altar… so we have the theme of surrender here again… We sometimes have to “clean out” what is no longer serving, let go of luggage we don’t really need and only makes travelling complicated and tiring… Mercury and Hygiea also stand in Libra but a little further towards Virgo – especially Hygiea stands over the Crux and below Corona Borealis, giving emphasis to that “open room” between the zodiacal constellations but also to the “north”, the area where “time and space ceases” (like in meditations or dreams)…

The Sun in the Aries/Taurus side talks about strong opinions, very high creativity and active physical power but can also be “bursting out”, overpowering and passionate.

This axis together with the lunar nodal axis, tells us to bring our outwards actions in tune to Universal Law (Libra – cause and effect – which means “justice” as like consequence) and our own intentions…. Whatever we decide to do or not, Mercury will deliver the messages fast – so discernment is needed and sometimes a little “step back” to breath and think before acting especially with above mentioned Sun placement, to know what we actually want, or call our “foundation” and what consequence (justice) our action will bring…. As Mercury also represents Neurotransmitters or generally the "electric" paths within us, our thoughts do have tremendous impact - so be aware - things have and are accelerating....

We have to “sacrifice” our fear based mind sets (ego) towards a future that can unfold in “lightness” and "clean, cleared" space (Hygiea) for something different but that also needs quite a bit of bravery and that’s what the “end” of Aries can offer…. Just as in the story of Perseus who stands in the north, radiating his energy over to Taurus with the self-reflecting energies of the whole story with Medusa – but don’t misunderstand that story, it’s not about “slaying” that which we fear but our view and attachment (judgment) of it and that might just be the same about what some "possessively or obsessively” love…

In whatever state/stage of personal, individual process we’re in, we’re getting more clarity, more revelations and insights needed for further steps to take – so it’s like you teach your child to ride a bicycle when you feel he/she is ready for it and that might individually be different a bit and you don’t give your child a bicycle built for professional racers or alike to start with nor would you think the child should master it right away, therefore be patient with yourself and be happy of every step and success you make… Remember, it’s a process according universal and natural laws – which are no punishments or anything alike, so therefore the child may fall off the bike and get some bruises but same time learned what “not to do” or what "doesn't work" and will keep on trying – no punishment right, just a process of learning, growing and development…

I will now also take the "future oriented path" and leave the talk about "shadow work" and all this stuff behind as in "understood and applying when needed"... Nevertheless there's the theme of "forgiveness" that might come up in one way or another - we may All have had situations in life when we despite the "humiliating" feeling went and apologized for something that did weigh on us and were forgiven – because we All probably have felt the “transformational” power within this sometime in our lives and the "surrender" it takes, we can maybe try to be "generous" too when someone apologizes...

On the other hand, when we see in the reflection how "beautiful" we are, the gifts and talents we have, can we accept them and develop them for the greater good or do we feel we somehow do not deserve it or it "can't be" for whatever reason or somewhat "afraid" of it as "too powerful"??

Be ready, because there will be a lot to surface, unfold, put into the light of "obvious" - we're not only dealing with our personal history and future but also the one of humanity and that might be just as kind of the "same".... but also, even so we do deal with a lot from the past, many of us need to deal with the present and future now - to surrender to the gifts we have, the talents we got and start to use them because that's why they're actually there...

In my last video, we All (me included) got the message of “surrender” and that includes trust – we have to trust our very own system, our guidance, our revelations and paths and our abilities!!! …. We’re not in a competition nor is there any person who can judge us unless we “choose” to be judged (as a self-reflection system - when we're triggered it means something)… if someone calls us “whatever” it’s up to us to take it on or not and the consequences from that action as well – in old “martial art” traditions it’s taught that if we don’t take on the challenge by someone who is out to "harm" us in whatever way, will fall back to the one sending it out – this is also the law of “rhythm”, everything moves and the swing will go back, we’re either hit or not…

Venus is approaching Mars for their conjunction roughly 20 hours after the Full Moon and both will go on to further conjunctions – more about those here:

Venus and Mars are not only the T in the T-square with the Hygiea/Mercury – Uranus opposition but also the “pointer” of a configuration called “the finger of God” – it’s two quincunxes (150°) that are hold by a sextile (Ceres in Gemini and Orcus in Leo)… 150° is an “odd’ degree in the sense that it needs more than once 360° to complete a star for a planetary pair – 1800, which is 5 times 360 is the first time they can become “even”…. In this chart we see actually many quincunxes (the green lines in the picture) and they generally talk about matters that go beyond the current cycles and can bring deep insecurities and meaningless action to the table – so here we have to add a purpose (Orcus) to the creative outflow that is nourishing (Ceres) the values….

Quincunxes can also give the feeling of being somehow “not ready” yet, kind of “information” is missing and we may seek learning/studying etc.. We have here the “tip” that we have everything within us and can access it through the teamwork of Mars and Venus – we can use that information for the betterment of ourselves and the one of All… You see, this part of Capricorn is also “shared” with Aquarius and so here it’s a lot about “stored and shared” information – a two way street… whereas Saturn already stands in the part that speaks more about putting the “information pieces” together to form a new structure, a new picture…. It’s all within the depths of ourselves if we dare to look or ask or remember….

What we do every day of our lives will be the history of the future….

Much Love to you All,


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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

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