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Proactive into the future history - Full Moon 16th of May 2022

Updated: Feb 17

Full Moon 16th of May 2022 at 11:14am – 04:14 am Universal time

During the full Moon, the Moon is like “conjunct the Earth” and during a new Moon the Moon is like “conjunct the Sun”…. so it’s a “new beginning” either way and same time a point of awareness (opposition)….

As the lunar cycle and the solar cycle aren’t the same as of “our timing”, the correspondence of the New and Full Moons are a bit difficult to determine at times, as I talked about last month… Now we have an interesting situation – the last New Moon on 30th April/ 1st May took place with the Sun/Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries over the head of Cetus, which was also the position of the Earth during the New Moon on 5th of November 2021… so the 2 cycles hang together and also hang together with Uranus and his cycles, as I explained in my last post video included in the Uranus-Nessus post.

Full Moon does mark a time of awareness of the “outside” world and it’s “origins” (as in cause)… The awareness isn’t an end so, it’s only a “decision” point in some ways – we go on and have 2 choices – either we just go on as “usual”, take the “aha moments” and not really act on them and in the end we just “dissolve” the cycle with all its possibility into the next one to start and there again try to resolve the “left overs”…. Or we can take these “aha’s” and try to make something with them – to include them for actions and future decisions, to try to figure out what could be done better, different or should be adjusted, enhanced etc… yet again, this is not always as easy as it sounds and a process that needs an open mind, heart and according action….

Remember, it’s all a process and as such also everything is interconnected, entangled and never separate – in order to make any kind of “analysis” we separate things, take them apart but it should always be understood as in purpose “one” or “whole” that functions in the same way as “time frames” within a human life and with planetary cycles (including Earth’s cycles) they span often a pretty long time, never the less exist and are “rolling”…. Also “bridging” times are therefore a little longer than we usually like to think 😉 …

Beside that, it’s also important to not fall into “linearity” nor thoughts of “doom day” or things alike – yes, sometimes it feels “pressuring” for an Individual because something likes to “break out, break free or unfold, become aware and conscious” for that Individual, that can be at times a little “painful or uncomfortable” but there’s a “reward /growth” to gain…