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Birthing a new way of "being" - Full Moon April 2022

Updated: Feb 16

Full Moon 17th of April 2022 at 01:56:02 Thailand and 16th of April at 18:56 Universal time

Sun at 1°27’22” sid. Aries conjunct the star Torculari(s) of Pisces – Moon/Earth at 1°27’22” sid. Libra constellation Virgo near Spica of Virgo and Arcturus of Bootes.

The Sun stands just passed the Pallas-Eris conjunction in late sid. Pisces. Moon/Earth stand near the planet Haumea at 3°41’ Libra.

Now I’m in a tricky situation with the “new Moon – full Moon” axis because this full Moon here seems not to have a “corresponding” new Moon or does correspond to the same new Moon as our last full Moon, so in any case I link that post again…. It’s because we see the Sun in early sign of Aries and Moon in Libra (or better said constellations Pisces and Virgo, which are both long) then next new Moon will be in the middle of Aries and then the full Moon in very late sign of Aries-Libra… The next full Moon in the middle of Aries will have a corresponding new Moon… I find this now pretty interesting that it happens with exactly this full Moon as it falls onto the end of the Thai New Year festivities…. Most people not living in Thailand are probably unaware of the fact that we have here a different year count – even so the new year is officially (year number change) adjusted to the “international” one but the year count is the same old one – we’re here now in the year 2565 (giggles, time travel made easy 😉 )….

Where the new Moon 2 weeks ago happened was an area that is talking about the “unfolding and uncover” things that are hidden, forgotten etc. – a theme that will last for almost a year – but it’s also strong because of Chiron’s placement there and as he travels much slower, also here the theme lasts for a while and finally also because of the above mentioned upcoming conjunction of Pallas and Eris because Eris is also about a similar theme – she’s disruptive to make the reality to be seen, to dismantle lies but also “rewarding” for those who try to follow the truth…

Link to that post:

You Tube video April 2022:

Link to New Moon October 2021:

The Sun – Earth axis is standing on both sides at a kind of “decision point” – Torculari(s) of Pisces comes from the Latin words torcular, torcularum which means like a wine or oil press and the cellars where those essences are kept/stored. In Chinese Astrology this whole longitude area is perceived as a temporary Granary and a place to pasture as well as the “guards”…. It’s of course also a star of the “bond”/threat with which the two fishes are hold together (not the knot!!)….

Arcturus of Bootes is described as the “Shephard”, the guardian of the Virgin and Spica of Virgo is the alpha star of Virgo and stands as the sheaf of wheat hold by the Virgin (in older imagery, when Virgo was still “upright”) and Spica marks the “root chakra” of today’s depiction of the laying, life birthing Virgo … In either way, Spica stands for something we “birth”, we bring forth, we produce and it’s benevolence and fulfillment – guided/guarded by Arcturus, the “higher” knowledge or “administrative forces” of all those processes that need to be act or materialized onto (also on “incarnated soul level”… Nick A. Fiorenza wrote about the Spica – Arcturus synthesis: “also exemplifies the masculine and feminine in their unadulterated divine union, able to express birth and manifest the purest expression of unity consciousness. This synthesis articulates the entwined masculine and feminine forces spiraling into their full potential. It impels these two forces to work in balance, wholeness, harmony and unity on Earth. This is about inter- dependency not codependency.”

Haumea is very supportive in this whole process – her theme is support, generally a kind of “mid wife energy” and was also in latitude conjunct Arcturus throughout the years 2018 and 2019….

The Earth will move over the region of “under the skirt of the Virgin” during the next weeks whereas the Sun will leave Pisces and start to explore Aries… “under the skirt” are mysteries hidden, codes to decipher, truth to be found through active (soul)search etc… whereas in Aries we need to free us actively and in a (self)leading way from old restrains, collective or cultural entrapments (doesn’t mean that everything is bad – discernment is needed) etc…

So, when we look from this glimpse into the future back to our full Moon placements, we can see that there’s truly a decision to make – do we want to go the “old ways” that ultimately lead us to where we are now or are we finding the courage and active power of self to break out of that and look for new ways, new solutions – we need to try, to play a bit and figure things out but in a curious way, in a maybe “children like” state in the sense of being curious, asking questions and listening the answers with the capacity of just “collecting data” to be processed as needed…

May that be in more “mundane” earthly developments/themes or in more societal questions or even personal and collective evolution of consciousness – it works the same, we go with what we know at a given moment but we should always be aware of the possibility that we had not all “clues” and that an additional piece of information (as small as it might look like) might change our path of action…. We need to follow that and not hesitating because of insecurities or what others may think or whatever – when information gained does change the perspectives, we have the chance to change direction and to go “beyond” that which we knew and explore more, for it to become “known” and on and on…. 😉

We also see a geocentric approaching conjunction between Mercury and Uranus over the head of Cetus in sid. Aries – well, Mercury is changing to become the “aware” evening star for a while and therefore in the right “state” to perceive the information of Uranus, who’s the Liberator and Rebel but also the Scientist and therefore can be used in this more “airy, cool” way or in a “heated, extreme” way… so be aware, there are many ways how someone or even groups do respond to the new, to the unknown, to disclosures and information….

Huge chances also here to go “beyond” especially in questions of personal development – to stay open for whatever there will come in the knowing it’s for the greater good only…. Remember always, it’s all a process and every situation just a part of that process and therefore nothing to be overly worried about – actually “opposite” …..



Saturn is slowly approaching the later parts of sid. Capricorn which brings the energy of “putting pieces together”, to gain a broader picture or additions to the “library” of information stored or maybe also the ability to restore information we thought to be lost “in time or translation or whatever”….


The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction which is geocentric on the 12th and “complete” with the heliocentric conjunction on 6th of June are talking about that “clarity”, the transcendence, the mystical that becomes conscious knowing which will ultimately lead to expansion and growth but of course it's also that "evolved transcendence" or gaining clarity, breaking through the veils of forgetfulness, lies or whatever… (more detail in the "new Moon post April 2022" link further up)

Isn’t this again being absolutely brilliantly orchestrated!!?? I’m really amazed every time I look at charts more closely – fascinating 😉 …. But it’s not all yet…..

Heliocentric Mercury is conjunct Ceres at the Twins feet (Gemini) which does talk about the nourishment, the mothering and caring energies in an area grounded on the galactic equator, standing firm and bringing the information up to be used in the “mortal and immortal” aspects of life – a symbiose itself again about which we should be aware about too – what of us is mortal, what of us isn’t – doesn’t that change a lot in our decision making or choices and how we perceive possibilities….. it’s always on us, what and how we nourish what… communications are always a big theme – not only our daily communications and intakes of such but also the inner communication and mind set…..

Know what you want for yourself and the whole world and therefore you know what to nourish 😊

This conjunction is also in a 72 degrees aspect from the Pallas-Eris conjunction (read further down), this aspect/angle stands in correlation with the Pentagram (5 x 72 = 360) and if we form one "down pointing" or "up pointing" as general direction is entirely a personal choice but does have consequences in the meaning of cause and effect that may go much further than we would generally think....

Don't forget - Mercury is in the geocentric chart in conjunction with Uranus - this heliocentric conjunction is directly linked and therefore linked to our bio technology!!!!

Heliocentric Mars - Pluto conjunction on 19th of April

The geocentric conjunction was on 3rd of March - link, the conjunctions discussed last topic:

I wrote that it could become "explosive" and "reactive" and judging the Ukraine-situation it unfortunately did turn out that... also this was not only the works of the Mars-Pluto conjunction and of course there are many people who did in their lives going through those "compacted geocentric conjunctions" a bit smoother.... When choosing the "heliocentric" path of "observer view included" things are still rough but perceived differently and a little more in the "step by step" mode....

Never the less, Mars and Pluto together are a "powerhouse" by themselves and there is always a tendency for "reactive and explosive" moments but does the same time offer the possibility of true change or transformation into a new way of "action" or an altered "masculine" part of ourselves....

The cuspal area between Sagittarius and Capricorn, in the very early part of the sign of Capricorn the energies are a little more "down to earth", focused and concentrated but still strongly in the influence of "higher vibrations, ideals and ideas" and when we actually do try to act from those "higher influences", we're also attracting those energies into our personal lives.... with this "timeline-shifts" can occur, for some noticeable as such and for others maybe not as clear defined but maybe with "ohhhh or ahhhh moments" when things suddenly turn from "impossible to possible"....

Heliocentric conjunction Pallas - Eris on 22nd of April

Pallas as the "problem solver" in a most creative but also strategic, clear and "pure" way meets with Eris the one searching for truth no matter how (mostly in a disruptive way)...

Eris is a kind of "lonely" one out there with her 557 year orbit - at least so far we have not yet discovered another planet with similar orbital period. Very, very far out there's Sedna but that's a whole other story with the 11'400 years - the closest ones are those of the Pluto-realm with orbits in the range of 250 years.... so maybe we're on the way to have a different "relationship" with truth all together, to go beyond the black and white of polarity thinking.

The Asteroidbelt is situated between Mars and Jupiter and as that do have a "connecting" or linking function, just like some Centaurs link Pluto's realm with Uranus and even Saturn. Therefore this conjunction does have influence onto the "link" within us between the personal, inner planets with the more "outer" or societal planets - we could also say between our personal/incarnation and our "higher selves"....

We have clearly the chance to "step up" a bit more and try to find solutions from an evolved, higher perspective of truth but might come through some "shaking" experiences, which doesn't mean that they must be "bad experiences" - sometimes we're also shaken by great happenings ;-)

Just be aware, this conjunction takes place in square to the Mars-Pluto-Vesta stellium....

We will be pushed over the years to come and if it's an easier or harder "transition" is entirely up to us and may depend our very own themes - with one theme easier and another maybe harder.... whatever happens, just always remember the way out is the way through the "whole"/"one" and not one or the other "pole"....

Much Love to you All,


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