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Earth's path 01.2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Here the link to the You Tube video I made about this with the "addition title"

- anchoring, discerning, living

The Earth – Sun axis meaning:

The Sun gives out, shines out the inner “light”, the core of what there is and what wants to “come out” undaunted and pure…. The Earth symbolizes the “fertile soil” from where everything emerges… So the Sun is giving and the Earth is receiving to the world to be seen and to be shone on again for further growth and eventual “going back” and become again fertile soil….

A cycle that is ongoing – nothing is wasted and nothing is without purpose but neither without intention…

This cycle repeats all the time but in a “spiraling” way, as what descends back into the soil is making soil again and therefore is integrated as a “fertilizer”… an evolutionary cycle….

Both, the Earth and the Sun go through their very own cycles and evolutionary growth as well as every other body in the solar system and every “star system” around the galactic center of their “individual galaxy” and clusters of galaxies around their central point - all is “fractal” but in principle the same yet diverse in form.

January 2022:

In the New Moon post, I already covered the beginning of January including the Venus – Earth conjunction…

Here the link:

It’s the “invisible” that is the “origin” of and process or "manifestation" or “alteration” of something existing, there’s an idea behind, an inspiration and is therefore setting a creative process into motion (think of the importance of e-motions as well)…

There’s no “right or wrong” way on doing this, we just not all have the same “task” or intention and we may not all working at the same "step" of the process... but we're all part of the “river of zeitgeist”…

But - we need to be "aligned" within and without - if we have a goal but focussing on something completely different, we may become "dis-harmonious" within and a kind of feeling tired, stress or even sick can result...

There are so many possible ways to do things and that’s the wonderful thing here – we’re different and so diverse but still one “species”…

Within cycles we have different stages – we grow new, we take care of it, nurture it and it slowly becomes form and we invest strength and activity to make it grow even more until it’s in full blooming state/visible… now we start to “judge” it, in the sense of what could be “improved”, changed, enhanced in order to make it even more “profitable”, useful, beautiful, faster and so on (depending “purpose”)… Now we start “harvesting”, earning – it’s done, finished – we realize it in it’s full potential within this “cycle” and after this part, we start to “discern” and letting go of the strength/power because it’s done but we take “inventory” and with this “information” in, we start to “seed” anew but more in a “still” way, we kind of let it all “sink in” and “rest” until the new ideas “form”…

Now what happens, when the Earth and the whole solar system (and possibly further) is kind of shifting from one “stage” of cycle to another!!??? … giggles, yes, then our whole energy and possibilities change, the awareness and consciousness “changes”…. It’s just a step further in all these ongoing procedures without judgement of “good or bad”, it’s “necessary” and only possible because of the successful completion of the previous step….

As many of you may know by now, I’m very influenced by the works of Nick Anthony Fiorenza and I’ve “borrowed”/integrated some of his picture-illustrations of cycles into my website: (after his death, his own website was taken down, so luckily I preserved some of his work!!)

Like the Venus – Earth 8 years cycle (cycle within cycle) forms a Pentagram.

Or the Earth – Jupiter cycle that forms beautiful “flowers”:

With all these cycles and cycles within cycles and even further cycles it’s all soooo entangled and most interesting isn’t it…..

But let’s look now back to “ground” – the Moon and the Earth….