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Within history, sciences and philosophies we constantly hear about the "invisible", the non physical and even so we All know about it, we seem to struggle a bit by truly "living" that "omni presence", to integrate this "existence" into our daily lives....

It has become evident that we're now for 2 years already more or less living with such an "invisible presence" in the more "scary" form but at least we acknowledge the presence of something not visible to the "naked eye" on a global scale... even so the reaction of many was fear, protection, victim consciousness etc., it also holds a global opportunity to actually focus on the "invisible" in a beneficial way - the knowing of the powers of the Universe, God, source or whatever we wanna call it working through and within us and not something "outside" of ourselves - scientifically spoken we can also say the fact of the principle of "fractality" - the manifested forms may be a bit different but based on principles same on all scales (from an atom to the solar system and further and everything in between)... This understanding and knowing does shift the way we think and perceive and opens doors and opportunities "limitless".... this shift of consciousness or paradigm shift or however you call this, is here and at work - for some in a more "conscious" form and for others not yet...

New Moon 3rd of January 2022 – Earth’s Perihelion 4th of January 2022

3rd of January at 1:33:30 Thailand time and 2nd of January at 18:33:30 Universal time

Earth at 17°2’1” Gemini – Sun and Moon same degrees Sagittarius

The Lunar nodal axis at 5°48’10” Scorpio (South) and Taurus (North)

Venus at 13° Gemini is approaching Earth – conjunction will be exact on 9th of January.

Earth in approaching Trine to Jupiter at 14° Aquarius and separating Trine to Nessus at 18° Aquarius – the Jupiter – Nessus conjunction will be exact on 26th of February…. The Sun is in Sextile (60 degrees) to Jupiter and Nessus…

Saturn at 19° Capricorn is kind of in “sandwich” between the Sun and Jupiter / Nessus…. And he’s in Trine with Hygiea in Virgo and Ceres in Taurus meaning the 3 forming a Grand-Trine.

You can read more about Saturn in my recent post about the Saturn – Pluto conjunction where I explain their positions on 10th of January 2022. Here the link:

As Earth is also at her Perihelion in this time, it means she’s very influential and powerful… and so are the aspects formed in this time…. She’ll be going “down home” to meet her own Southpole and Aphelion with the (June Solstice and 4th of July)…

So it’s difficult to make a “new Moon” only post – so it’s more about these days together – as the new Moon is a smaller part of the Earth cycle and Venus is joining in also for quite a while…

The placements of Venus and Earth in the middle of Gemini are pretty interesting – involved are the stars Mebsuta and Mekbuda – they are not of the same Twins – one of Pollux and one of Castor and one is the immortal and one the mortal…. Venus conjoins the star Mebsuta “of Castor the mortal” during these 2 days and Earth with Mekbuda “of Pollux the immortal”… so we could also say Venus at Castor’s “root or sacral chakra”, whereas Earth stands at the upper leg or maybe knee of Pollux… Venus and Earth will conjunct at the star Wasat as the “middle one” or root/sacral chakra of the “immortal” Pollux….

You see we really have communication and collaboration on various levels here – from the “higher realms” of Sagittarius down into our earthly, daily lives… it may sound “funny” but it’s like Venus would like to bring the “trust and identification” we have towards the “mortal lives” over to our let’s say “spiritual lives”, so that we start to trust our very own “higher guidance”, the heart as part of this “medium-ship”, to value and anchor our “higher realms” into the grounds, roots and daily routine…

In the South we have the constellation Canis Majoris (the dog) with it’s famous alphastar Sirius at around 19° and Canopus the alphastar of Carina (Argo Navis’ navigator) at around 20°… In the north so, some stars of the Lynx (the mountain cat – all until early Leo)… So it’s all very “directing”, navigating, protective but also “moving” energy here…

These few degrees of Sagittarius are “illumed” and “darkened” the same time – “darkness” is more like the mother energy, the womb, the soil and so on, so a “home” energy in the sense where things originate but also like the “dreams and ideals” and those “ideals” or the inner truth about those is one of Sagittarius’ themes – far north at around 20° the star Vega of Lyra, representing the celestial harp, the vibrations, the music, the tone… and we’ll meet “resonance” in Gemini… it’s a back and forth, a two way street…

It's important in these times to understand that we have “sensors” within us, we’re not always aware of – especially “empathic” people – but also people who wouldn’t perceive themselves as especially empathic do pick up “vibes” around themselves and may be influenced by them… certain feelings, thoughts and stuff around that we couldn’t even place and may feel strange about them and ask ourselves “where did this come from”?.... Therefore it’s important to “discern”, what is “mine and what not” in some ways or if we really wonder even ask ourselves “why was I able to perceive this” (many possibilities, it doesn’t need to be “bad” but can either be a “hint” or simply the “ability” of the “enhanced” (Jupiter) perception)…. So be aware and stay strong….

There’s something changing with Jupiter’s energies (Astronomers have talked about it) and as he’s very active right now Astrologically too, I’m not really surprised about it – there is this upcoming conjunction but also him in aspects with many as explained further up and he’s also not far in time to conjunct with Neptune… I will talk about his path in more detail soon…. But for now – all he touches “expands” and as he’s so powerful and holds millions of small asteroids in his “grip” on the Lagrange points (60° angles on his both sides) this energy is very strong now with the Sun there… for the Sun “behind” him, it’s kind of pulling energy, one that requires “letting go of strength” but that can have “fatal” consequences if we do it “against” our own self… You see, if you “shine YOUR light, your true self” there’s nothing that can “pull” you, “abuse you” (Nessus is there too!!!) if you “know yourself”….

NO, please not to be misunderstood – Jupiter’s not a bad Guy and neither is Nessus nor the Sun – it’s just the combination of the energies are strong and we feel “push and pull” in serious ways that may also bring deep issues to light…. So, go with your very own heart and “ground” that in – the trust into your very own self…. It’s an inner “fight” that’s going on, it’s also about the belief systems, the deep “spiritual” – Jupiter will also conjoin Neptune in June 2022 and so in very “balsamic” phase here…. All this is “reflected” in the outside world and that’s why it will become intense…. Another Player in this is Chiron at 16°31’ Pisces (you see, also aspected but loosely), so he’s about healing, wounds, traumas and loops and we know, that what we’re dealing with, we also attract – so, it’s important to focus on the task at hand… so affirmations and actions towards the healing, the good, the health and wellbeing and the love we feel, the beauty we see and so on – you see, it's kind of “solution oriented energy”, to use anything as steppingstones towards that, there’s nothing without a reason… yep, 😉 it’s Pallas about to conjoin Chiron on 16th of February 2022…

Yes, February will be pretty packed 😉

The ”veils” are thin and become thinner and thinner – so everything “breaks through”, is visible and useable….

There’s much more to it though and so my writings will continue 😊

Much Love to you All,


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