The Year 2022 - cycles, posts and more...

February 2022

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The 2022 planetary cycles          
(mostly only cycles longer than a year) 

09. January      Venus – Earth in late Gemini and Juno in opposition in Sagittarius
The heart – the values anchored in the earthly realms but especially visible and to be integrated is the relationship we have within, with the “heart communication” and the collaboration within – when we can listen to our hearts and take this to be a “middle point” within, we may “manifestation” accordingly…

25. January      Mercury – Venus in sidereal Cancer and Earth – Varuna also Cancer
Heart – mind – coherence / receptivity / the inner self-talk etc… but being aware of what we “anchor” within as that will dictate the “rhythm” (ups and downs) in life….

07. February     Juno – Pluto in sid. Capricorn
The relationship we have with ourselves on all levels "defines" also the relationship we have with other people/world/society and so on - if we want to change something for "good", we can reach this transformation by changing/knowing ourselves. Such inner work needs focus and a "safe/solitary space" (especially within) but also both views, the "observer"/bigger picture and the detailed view.... relationships also talk about "ratio".... 

14. February     Vesta – Ixion in sid. Sagittarius
Combining devotion and “lust for life” meet near GC, GEN etc. –  directing the own forces according the truth of self, which brings stability and truth into the outer world. Life force energy doesn't judge, it acts - so be careful what you devote yourself to.... The GC nor the Galactic equator are judging but the Universal laws work "faster" and therefore "cause and effect" are very "visible".... 

16. February     Pallas – Chiron in sid. Pisces
Creative solutions meets with the master of self and “loops” – pulling the “head out of the sand” and to rise above repetitional behavior, seeing the “loops” and take oneself  out of the “cage” we put ourselves in and looking for different solutions…. Giving responsibility away, means also to give power away.... Chiron is also a wise teacher and healer, therefore a new cycle for innovative solutions in that area too. 

26. February    Jupiter – Nessus in sid. Aquarius / Venus – Makemake in sid. Virgo /   Vesta – Pholus in sid. Sagittarius and there’s also the Hygiea – Eris opposition 
Growing/emphasis on the “higher views and ideals” to deal with the “abusive encounters” in life especially to “grow” out of the walls we put around us and free the flow of resources and health. Realization of the reality of a situation and to see its origin and purpose and with that "heal"
. When looking at "flow"/effect we can also see the cause/origin/intention and with that "correction"/growth can happen by "discerning". A "cool" mind is needed for such - to become "reactive" isn't helpful.

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3. March        Geocentric lunar node change – Southnode Libra and Northnode Aries

20. March      March Equinox

22. March      Juno – Chariklo in sid. Capricorn

Early April     Mercury at solar conjunction and conjunct Chiron in sid. Pisces and there’s also a Mars – Vesta conjunction

19. April          Mars – Pluto in sid. Capricorn

22. April          Pallas – Eris in sid. Pisces

05./06. May   Venus - Vesta – Pluto in sid. Capricorn (geocentric 2 months earlier!!)

17. May            Venus – Mars in sid. Capricorn (Juno and Saturn nearby)

End of May     Mars – Juno – Saturn in sid. Capricorn

3. June             Vesta – Chariklo in sid. Capricorn

                Jupiter – Neptune in sid. Aquarius (close in latitude and declination)

21. June            Solstice June 2022 in earlier Gemini-Sagittarius (Sun-Earth axis)

5. July              Mars – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (interesting chart)

19. July            Pallas – Uranus in sid. Aries

25. July            Vesta – Saturn in sid. Capricorn

18. Aug.           Ceres – Varuna in sid. Cancer

2. Sept.             Pallas – Sedna in early sid. Taurus

8. Sept.            Juno – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (with Earth)

23. Sept.          Equinox at 4degrees 41 minutes Earth Pisces - Sun Virgo

9. October       Juno – Neptune in sid. Aquarius

14. October      Mars – Uranus in sid. Aries (note, since end of May he also met with Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Eris)  

17. October       Vesta – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (square Pallas and square Hygiea)

20. Nov.            Vesta – Neptune in sid. Aquarius

24. Nov.            Juno – Jupiter in sid. Pisces

3. Dec.               330 degrees of the Neptune – Eris cycle

11. Dec.              Juno – Chiron sid. Pisces